Tradies and residents can organise this type of permit so that a tradesperson can park near the residential property they are currently working on.

Permits can be used by one vehicle only and for a limited time (a few days up to 1 to 4 weeks).

If you have more than one tradie coming you will need to apply for a new permit for each vehicle. You will be limited to 2 permits at once.

Applying for a tradesperson permit

To apply for a tradesperson parking permit online, you will need to select 'temporary' and then select 'tradesperson'.
Note: only one vehicle can be linked to each permit, you will need the vehicle registration to lodge your application.

Using a tradesperson permit

Display the permit on the lower passenger side of the front windscreen.

Permits are valid in the area listed on the permit

With the permit you can park:

  • outside a residential property (only)
  • in a permit zone
  • for free
  • for longer than timed restrictions (if 30 minutes or longer).

Permits do not exempt you from clearways and no stopping areas.

You can’t use the permit to park outside a shop, office, industrial or community land, or in an off-street car park.

Don’t copy, reproduce or tamper with your permit. Make sure you display it correctly. If the parking enforcement officer can’t see it, you may get a parking infringement notice.

For residential jobs only

A residential property is one that is used 100 per cent for residential purposes. Properties that have a mixed use, such as apartments on upper floors above a business, are not considered residential.

If we think a parking permit is being misused, we may ask Victoria Police to investigate it as a criminal offence.

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