Parking permits have changed – from street to area-based. We are also changing the number of permits that you can have.

Waiting for your residential parking permit? If you applied online and were approved for a permit, you will be covered for 60 days after the day you applied. You can start 'using' the permit while you wait for the sticker to arrive in the mail. This doesn't apply to a visitor permit

Renew your permit

Each year when you renew your parking permit you need to prove your residential address and that you own the vehicle using the permit.

You can renew online or in-person at a customer service counter.

Apply for a parking permit

If you know your property is eligible, the permit type you need, and have your ID and rego papers ready you can:

Need help? Go to our step by step guide to applying online for a parking permit.

Check if you can get a permit (and how many)

Not all properties are eligible for parking permits. Find out if your address is eligible for a parking permit, and how many you can apply for

Choose the right type of permit for your needs

If you are eligible you can apply for a:

  • resident permit – to park your car in your home area unrestricted
  • foreshore permit – for free parking (with time limits) near the water
  • combined residential and foreshore permit – one sticker for parking near home and along the foreshore
  • visitor permit – for visitor cars, company cars, cars on loan
  • temporary permit – short-term parking for removalists, deliveries etc.

Understand what ID you need to apply for a permit

When you apply you need to prove that you live at the address, that you own your car, or that you drive a car owned by your company.

Change, replace, cancel your permit

If you move, buy a new car, damage or lose your permit we can replace it.

Understand parking areas

All residential permits issued after 1 July 2021 are area-based permits. Find out which area you live in – check the parking permit areas map

Do you have a concession card?

From 1 July 2023, there will be a $25 fee for each residential concession parking permit.

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