Playgroups are a great way for you and your child to meet new people, have fun and find support.

Playgroups and Supported Playgroups are a great way to meet new people, find support and exchange parenting ideas. For children, they are a place to play, grow and learn in a fun community environment.

Community playgroups

A playgroup is a group in which parents, carers and children come together at an allocated time to socialise and play. They are great for children from babies to school age to gather regularly, form friendships and learn together.

All playgroups are different and are run in the way each group wants. The main thing is that playgroups are friendly and welcoming, safe and most of all, fun.

Port Phillip Council has several community venues that are free of charge for playgroups and are family friendly.

The Playgroup Victoria website is a great place to find out more about playgroups.

There are also three purpose-built playgroup facilities run by the community. Membership fees apply.

Join a playgroup

To find a playgroup in your area, visit Playgroup Victoria - Port Phillip.

Start a playgroup

To start a playgroup, all you need is a couple of friends and a place to meet! For more information, visit start a playgroup.

Playgroup contact

Contact the Family, Youth & Children Community Support Officer if you need assistance with:

  • locating and joining a playgroup
  • starting a new playgroup
  • links with other support agencies
  • early childhood resources
  • general information and support.

Online: Visit our Online Services
Phone: 03 9209 6547

Supported playgroups

Supported playgroup is a free 10-week group for caregivers and children zero to five years.

These playgroups are a great opportunity to:

  • meet other families and share parenting experiences
  • get information about your baby’s development
  • receive support around parenting and play.

You might find yourself learning how to make your own playdough one week, then covering your child’s feet in paint to make masterpieces of art the next!

Playgroups run according to the Smalltalk program, with the opportunity to join in-home coaching which includes the topics:

  • Tuning into Children
  • Child-led Play
  • Listening and Talking More.


Council runs two supported playgroups each school term with groups held weekly. Groups do not meet during school holidays.

The two groups are held at St Kilda and South Melbourne on either a Monday or a Wednesday.

Get a referral

To be eligible to attend, a referral needs to be received from your Maternal and Child Health (MCH) nurse or another family support worker.

Please contact the Supported Playgroup Facilitator for more information about eligibility:

Phone: 0412 514 421 (Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only)

Families outside Port Phillip

There are no geographical restrictions for participating in supported playgroups, however, each municipality has a provider in their local area.

Playgroup online

COVID-19 restrictions have made it hard to run our playgroup sessions, so here is an online session you can tune into!

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