What support is available?

Council believes that every child in the Port Phillip area should have access to quality early education.

As a result, we offer an Early Education Grant which pays for some out-of-pocket expenses of vulnerable families with children.

Am I eligible?

Families must:

  • Live, work or play in the City of Port Phillip
  • Be experiencing a financial barrier to accessing an additional day of childcare
  • Not be eligible for the Additional Child Care Subsidy - or have applied and been unsuccessful
  • Have already been offered or have a position at a children’s centre for their child
  • Have exhausted all other funding options
  • Acknowledge and understand that the Early Education Grant will be funded for a maximum of one year and will be reviewed every 3 months (starting from the child’s start date).

Council may choose to provide funding to families living in the City of Port Phillip who are experiencing vulnerable circumstances not listed above which create financial barriers to accessing quality childcare and/or kindergarten.

How do I get support?

You can apply for an Early Education Grant.

How can I learn more about this?

For more information, please contact us on 0466 954 111 or submit an online form and we’ll get back to you.