You may need to apply for multiple permits including a Planning permit. To find which permits you need and make a single application, or to talk to our Business Concierge, visit the business permits page.

All accommodation requires registration under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and needs to meet the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009. This is achieved through the permit process.

What to submit

To help you provide the information we need, Council has developed a Prescribed Accommodation Health Approval kit (DOCX 34 KB).

You will need to:

Advice for meeting the Regulations can be found in the approval kit, or you can contact an Environmental Health Officer.

How to apply

Submit your application to:

Health Services Unit
City of Port Phillip
Private Bag No 3
St Kilda 3182

Assessment process

An Environmental Health Officer will assess the plans and inspect the premises to ensure it is suitable for registration.

Upon final inspection, you will be provided with the Application for Registration of a Prescribed Accommodation Premises form (711 KB PDF).

Complete this form and submit to the above address with the fee to obtain your Public Health and Wellbeing Act registration prior to operating your business. Council will issue a certificate of registration when the application has been approved.

Transfer of registration

Contact the Business Concierge for information on how to transfer the registration of a prescribed accommodation premises.

You may have a premises checked by an Environmental Health Officer prior to purchasing. To arrange an inspection, complete the Application for Transfer Inspection Disclosure form (DOC 80 KB).

Please note, written consent from the existing proprietor of the premises is required prior to an inspection report from an Environmental Health Officer being released to the purchaser.

These forms are available in the above information kit.

To transfer the registration, complete the Application for Transfer of Registration form (DOC 87 KB) and return with the relevant fee to:

Health Services Unit
City of Port Phillip
Private Bag No 3
St Kilda 3182

If you are planning to make any structural changes to the premises or change the activities undertaken at the premises, it may require approval from the Health Services Unit.

Depending on the type of business and the changes you are making, you may also require permits from Council's Planning and Building Departments. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure all relevant permits have been sought.