Mobile and Temporary Food Business permits

A permit is required to operate a mobile food vehicle on public land under Local Law No. 1, Clause 12 - Itinerant Trading.

The City of Port Phillip is committed to supporting and enhancing local business, active street life and unique experiences within our vibrant city.

Mobile and temporary food premises and vehicles can add to the vitality of the City, and fulfill the need to have an efficient and accessible food service for people at times when permanent food outlets are not operating.

Before making an application, you will need to identify your business' food premises class

Apply with Streatrader

All application forms for temporary and mobile food businesses are available online through Streatrader.

Streatrader will guide you through the process and identify your principal council if you're working across several municipalities.

You'll be able to lodge:

  • applications for registrations
  • notifications
  • Statements of Trade to notify Council of where you are operating.

Mobile food vehicles will also need to contact the relevant local council to seek permission to operate in a public place or on council land.

Mobile food vehicles

A 'mobile food vehicle' includes any vehicle, caravan, trailer or other temporary method of transport from which food is sold.

To seek permission to operate in Port Phillip, submit a completed and signed Mobile Food Vehicle location form and checklist (PDF 97 KB) with all the required documents. The following fees will be invoiced after receipt of your application:

  • application fee to consider up to 3 proposed locations - $74
  • annual permit fee - $2,280.

A card payment fee applies.

To support the existing and future operations of mobile food vehicles, and provide a framework for their management, we have created the Mobile Food Vehicle Guidelines (PDF 330 KB).

For any questions, requests or more information, please contact the Business Concierge.