208-220 Bank Street, South Melbourne


To be confirmed as part of Council Budget Financial Year 2021/22

Why are we doing this?

South Melbourne Town Hall is a 140-year-old building, that shapes the character of Emerald Hill, helps tell the story of the City’s history, and provides a focal point for community gatherings and events.

The building is in fair condition overall but due for major restoration and renewal. It requires some repair, due to a collapse of part of the ceiling in 2018 that triggered the fire system, causing water damage.

We are currently planning these restoration works as well as the scheduled routine maintenance and life cycle replacement works that will follow.

The impact

Since June 2020, South Melbourne Town Hall has been temporarily closed to the public as part Council’s renewal project for this site.

Following further structural investigation completed in December 2020, the site will remain closed until the completion of rectification works to ensure the safety of the building.

The scope of works has been defined and we can commenced design, review, approvals, and delivery. Works anticipated to be completed in 2023.

We appreciate the inconvenience this closure might cause and thank you for your patience.

While the building is closed, limited access is being facilitated by Council on an as-needs basis. Please call ASSIST on 03 9209 6777 with any access enquiries.

We'll share updates about the town hall restoration and reopening on this page.

We will work closely with heritage experts and Heritage Victoria to ensure that the work complies with all heritage requirements and is respectful to the building’s architecture and heritage features.


Working on heritage buildings can bring many challenges. It’s important that we understand the extent and impacts of these early on and find solutions to resolve them.

We are currently forming a deep understanding of the building's condition and challenges and creating a strategy to prioritise and safely and effectively manage the works.

We are working hard to:

  • ensure that contemporary compliance and performance standards can be met
  • cost the works
  • form a long-term asset management plan.


Please find a list of recent inspection reports and documents about South Melbourne Town Hall building and the restoration project below.

If you'd like to find out more or to see historical records, please contact the Asset Management team by calling ASSIST on 03 9209 6777.