Heritage program

This program systematically reviews our heritage policy and planning controls to ensure they are up to date and reflect community attitudes.

The City of Port Phillip continues to experience strong development pressure and population growth. This results in more buildings being adapted, developed and demolished. Council's heritage policy needs to adapt to these changes while also reflecting changing attitudes to heritage and what the community thinks is important to retain.

A four-year heritage program commenced in 2017/18. The aim of the program was to address concerns about Council's alignment with the community about protecting heritage in the municipality and ensuring policy was updated to reflect this. The program, which is now in year four, takes an incremental, continuous improvement approach to ensure the City of Port Phillip retains its heritage character and amenity.

Precinct reviews

Council is progressing the detailed review of the heritage overlay in precincts:

  • HO5 - St Kilda Hill
  • HO7 - Elwood, St Kilda, Balaclava, Ripponlea
  • HO8 - Glen Huntly and Ormond Roads, Elwood.

This detailed review is based on field work and preliminary work conducted in 2019/20 (Year 3).

The heritage precinct reviews will be finalised in 2021/22 following an asssessment of potential new precincts and individual heritage places within the study area.

Recommendations from the precinct reviews are out-of-scope and will be implemented by the Planning Scheme amendments.

Resident generated heritage data

This part of the program is a Pilot Project. It allows our residents to directly recommend places that are important to them, but that may have been overlooked by heritage professionals in previous heritage reviews.

This project was originally planned for 2019/20 based on the outcome of community consultation in 2017, however, was deferred to 2020/21 to align with the timing of the Customer Experience Program. The Customer Experience Program will introduce new technology, impacting the way Council collects and holds data, and overall improving the customer experience including updates to Councils website.

Previous years

Year 1: 2017/18

Engaged the community through the 'Heritage Here and Now' consultation to identify how community members value heritage and identify gaps in Council's heritage provisions and policy.

Year 2: 2018/19

Reviewed the Port Phillip Thematic Environmental History (TEH) based on the previous year's consultation. A new TEH framework was prepared. This underpins future reviews of Port Phillip's heritage areas by:

  • providing a comprehensive context and framework for the identification, review and assessment of cultural heritage
  • reflecting the rich and diverse history of Port Phillip including more intangible values that were overlooked in the past.

Year 3: 2019/20

Prepared the detailed TEH, based on the framework developed in the previous year. This also included a review of Council's local heritage planning policy and design guidelines in the Port Phillip Planning Scheme to improve guidance on infill development in heritage areas.

The heritage policy and design guidelines were engaged on and a revised version was included in the planning scheme review. Consultation on a final draft is scheduled in 2021 as part of the planning scheme amendment for the Planning Scheme Review (out of scope for the Heritage Program).

The third year also included a preliminary review of the three large remaining heritage overlay precincts:

  • HO5: St Kilda Hill
  • HO7: St Kilda, Elwood, Balaclava, Ripponlea
  • HO8: Elwood: Ormond and Glen Huntly Roads.

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