The Department of Transport is now consulting on installing up to 40 kms of pop-up bike routes in our area across suburbs including Port Melbourne, Albert Park, St Kilda, St Kilda West, Middle Park, South Melbourne and Elwood.


The project is fully funded by the Victorian Government’s Department of Transport.

Why are we doing this?

We welcome the Department of Transport’s commitment to closely consult with City of Port Phillip community members on this initiative.

Our Integrated Transport Strategy – Move, Connect, Live – outlines similar aims to those underpinning the Department of Transport’s pop-up bike lane program objectives.

Move, Connect, Live is a long-term strategy to ensure that, as a community, we adapt to an increasing number of trips and other challenges associated with increased congestion – prioritising travel choices, equal access to transport options and the safety of our streets.

Our City contains an extensive bicycle network that includes 38 kilometres of on-road routes and 21 kilometres of off-road routes – the Department of Transport’s proposed pop-up bike lane program represents a unique opportunity to further link and develop this important network.

We’re committed to ensuring our City is well connected and easy to move around in, with options for sustainable and active transport, including bike riding.

The impact

The Department of Transport is using a pop-up approach, drawing on an ongoing feedback and responsive design process to incorporate community ideas into design, installation and adjustments to the lanes.

Once in place, the Department of Transport’s intention is the pop-up bike lanes will be in operation for up to 18 months.

Learn more about the Department of Transport's Pop-Up bike lanes.


The Department of Transport are hoping to install 100 kilometres of new and improved bike routes across key inner-Melbourne suburbs.

As more people return to work and other activities as we continue to learn to manage the impacts of COVID-19, more people are taking up healthy, affordable and sustainable ways to commute.

The Victorian Government’s investment in pop-up lanes across Melbourne – including the City of Port Phillip – will deliver improved active transport links, helping to relieve congestion on road and transport networks.

Next steps

The Department of Transport is actively seeking your feedback on the pop-up bike lane proposals.

You can provide your thoughts:

Works for the pop-up bike routes across the City of Port Phillip are scheduled from 25 April to mid-2022, please refer to the VicRoads Pop Up Bike Lane website for the full works schedule.