Multi-unit and mixed unit development awards

Winners and commendations of the City of Port Phillip Design and Development Awards for predominantly residential and comprise of two or more self-contained dwellings, such as a block of apartments or a high rise mixed-use residential.

2020 Commendation

Project name: Chaucer Townhouses

Architect: Grant Amon Architects
Location: St Kilda

The Chaucer Townhouses project offers a great model for inner urban infill, showing how a contemporary development can positively contribute with respect and sensitivity to an existing, much loved streetscape. The development occupies a prominent corner, bringing substantial scale and stylistic deviation from its neighbours.

Through its thoughtful and considered design, these elements are modulated through formal development, and contextualised through material references, to ensure a non-intrusive and deferential addition to the precinct. Its strong sustainability credentials encompass passive and active strategies, that contribute to its overall success.

2018 Winner

Project name: Elwood House

Architect: Piccolo with Hecker Guthrie and Woods Bagot
Location: Elwood

A finely modulated, well-crafted multi residential development that both responds and contributes to its context. Its depth of balconies, canopies and use of textured high quality materials, ensure the development works at the human scale, mitigating the potential for this medium density addition to read as an imposition. A fine response for a growing area.

2018 Commendation

Project name: House and a half

Architect: Three C Architects
Location: Elwood

This dwelling is a thoughtful solution that increases density while maintaining the predominant scale, proportion and 'pavilion in a garden' character of the street context. The architecture references traditional housing but introduces a level of craft, texture and finesse that elevates the solution and contributes to its context.

2018 Special Mention

Project name: The Icon

Architect: JCB Architects and Pace Development Group
Location: St Kilda

Initially resisted by the community and fought in VCAT, this completely reconceptualised skyscraper has now captured most people's imagination, and – to a large degree – their hearts. In its highly prominent location, it has returned good humour to high-rise. It celebrates the stacked effect with us, rather than just imposing it upon us. Internally and externally, it shows what good architecture can do if backed by the developer.

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