Victorian Government household solar incentives

From 1 July 2021, the Victorian Government provides the following incentives to residents who want to get rooftop solar, solar hot water or batteries: 

  • Solar PV - Rebate of up to $1,400 + option of an interest-free loan up to the approved rebate value.  
  • Solar for rental properties - Rebate of up to $1,400 + option of an interest-free loan up to approved rebate value.  
  • Solar battery rebate - Rebate will remain at current value of up to $4,174 until all rebates in 2020–21 have been fully allocated. They will then reduce to $3,500.  Note: interest free loans are not available under the Solar battery rebate program.  
  • Solar hot water rebate – Rebate will remain at current level of $1,000.  

Find out more: Solar Victoria website

What about heritage?

A Heritage Overlay does not necessarily prevent you from installing rooftop solar panels.

A planning permit is required if the panels will be visible from the street (other than a lane) or a park.  However, Council will waive the permit fees and will process the application through the VicSmart service which minimises the paperwork requirements and processing time.

A Planning Officer will assess your application and together with advice from Council’s Heritage Advisor, may suggest changes to the sizing or placement of the proposed system.

Check whether your property is affected by a Heritage Overlay

We recommend you discuss your proposed installation with Council’s Planning Department to confirm planning permit requirements on 03 9209 6424 or 

Read our guide to help you with your planning application for solar.

More information is also available on our Heritage Advice page.