Albert Park children show the future is in good hands

A discarded plastic bag found on a day at the beach led the children of Neighborhood House in Albert Park to set up their own regular beach clean-up crew. Read about the many ways the children at this centre are making a meaningful contribution to their local community. Read more.

James and the Giant Reuse

James is a primary schoolboy on a mission. He wants to make a difference, in the hope that he might inspire others and all those little differences might add up to a big difference to our planet.

Find out how he inspired the children at Albert Park Kinder to make a difference too.

Early Years War on Waste

The Seedlings program is upping the war on waste. We held a waste session for educators to learn about everything from reducing consumption, the impact of using certain materials, what happens to waste once it leaves their service, and much, much more.

The Seedlings program also ran two pilot waste excursions for kindergarten children to the Ravenhall Landfill site, which receives 5,000 tonnes of waste from around Melbourne every single day. Here, children saw where waste from their bins ends up, and the impact it has on land use, air quality, and global warming. The children were encouraged to work out ways they can reduce the amount of waste coming to landfill sites, both at their service and at home.

Albert Park Kinder – The Butterfly Effect

As part of the renowned 'Of Nature' exhibition at Gasworks Arts Park, an inspiring installation by Albert Park Kinder documented their journey toward sustainability. Titled ‘The Butterfly Effect’, their story is punctuated by dozens of handcrafted butterflies made from hessian and non-toxic paint, hanging from twine and wooden branches.

Their story emphasises that small causes can have a big impact. They’ve learnt that by working together with the children, families, staff, council and the broader community, that they can achieve their dream of becoming a carbon-neutral kindergarten, with minimum waste output, minimum water use, and genuine sustainability education embedded in their teaching practice.

Clarendon Children's Centre is officially excellent

Sustainability is part of the culture at Clarendon Children's Centre, from the cook’s enthusiasm for including herbs and veggies into daily meals that the kids have picked from the garden, to the ability to include sustainability into the everyday curriculum. There is a real sense of pride and excellence at the Clarendon Children's Centre

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