Community and education services

Our team will provide not-for-profit community services in Port Phillip with the support, training and expert knowledge needed to become a sustainability leader and reduce operating costs.

Community services don’t always have the time and resources to explore and implement sustainability measures. This program will provide the support that these organisations need to reduce their impact on the environment.

It is also an opportunity to link in with the broader community to increase their environmental education and to promote relevant behaviour change initiatives.

Seedlings - a program for Early Years Services

Council supports kindergartens and childcare centres to include sustainability education in their curriculum and to reduce their energy use, water use and waste generation.

Find out more about Seedlings.

Seven of the best

Seven community services take part in this program. We are working with these organisations to incorporate sustainability into their operations. Some of the changes we’ve helped them make so far include: adding Green Cones for composting, installing solar panels or energy efficient lighting, and installing a kitchen garden.

Currently, we are delighted to be working with these organisations:

If you want help to introduce sustainability measures at your community service, contact us.

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