Neighbourhood Ngargee

Important notice for Neighbourhood Ngargee 2020-21


The 2020- 2021 Neighbourhood Ngargee Summer program is currently on-hold and will be reviewed in the context of Covid19 recovery.


What is Neighbourhood Ngargee?


Ngargee (Pronounced 'nar-gee' in English) is an Indigenous Australian word meaning ‘gathering for celebration’.

We aim to promote social inclusion and connectedness in the community by facilitating opportunities for neighbours to interact with each other and we see Neighbourhood Ngargee (gatherings) as one way for local residents to do this.

Our objective is to:

  • support local residents to hold neighbourhood gatherings and events to increase neighbourly awareness and interaction;
  • create an atmosphere of trust, safety, belonging and social cohesion in the local community;
  • improve community health and wellbeing.


More information

Contact Us or use Online Services to ask us a question, request information or give us feedback online. Ask for the Community Strengthening team.


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