15 January 2021

The total number of COVID-19 cases in Victoria is 20,412 as of 14 January 2021. There are currently 29 active cases in Victoria. Visit the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website for the latest daily update on COVID-19, and view their latest media release for case numbers by local government area. DHHS also provides a breakdown of COVID-19 data by location, updated daily.

The State of Emergency in place in Victoria since 16 March 2020 has been extended by the Victorian Government until 11.59 pm Friday 29 January 2021, upon advice from the Chief Health Officer (CHO) due to the ongoing public health risk of COVID-19.

COVIDSafe Summer

Victoria moved to COVIDSafe Summer from 11.59 pm on Sunday 6 December 2020

Face masks

You must carry a face mask with you when you leave home.

Face masks are no longer be mandatory in all public indoor settings. Face masks continue to be mandatory in the following locations:

  • on public transport 
  • when riding in a ride share or taxi 
  • inside shopping centres, including the retail stores inside shopping centres, such as clothing stores 
  • inside indoor markets 
  • in large retail stores (over 2000 sqm), such as department stores, electronics stores, furniture stores, hardware stores or        supermarkets 
  • on domestic flights to and from Victoria 
  • at airports 
  • when working in or visiting hospitals and care facilities.

You must always carry a face mask with you when you leave home unless you have a lawful reason not to. It is strongly recommended you wear one whenever you cannot keep 1.5 metres distance from others.

COVIDSafe summer restrictions

  • You can have up to 15 visitors to your home per day. There is no limit on the number of households those people come from. Front and backyards are considered part of the home. 
  • Up to 100 people can meet outdoors in a public place. There is no limit on the number of households those people come from. 
  • Record keeping continues to be an important tool for helping Victoria to stay safe and stay open. Businesses that are required to record the details of visitors should use electronic record keeping or QR codes. The Victorian Government has a free QR code service.
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs can open for seated and unseated service. They must use electronic record keeping and apply the two square metre rule to ensure that customers have enough room to keep 1.5 metres between themselves and others. There are no other limits on the number of customers. Venues can have up to 25 people before the two square metre rule needs to be applied. When you are indoors and are not eating or drinking, you must wear a fitted face mask that covers the nose and mouth.
  • There are also changes to the number of people allowed at community facilities such as libraries, sporting facilities (such as gyms), and entertainment facilities (such as cinemas).

Please see the Victorian Government's COVIDSafe summer for the latest COVID-19 restriction details.

Victorian Travel Permit System

Victoria is establishing a permit system for all domestic travel into Victoria. From 5.59 pm on 11 January, you will need to apply for a permit to enter Victoria from anywhere in Australia. Find out more at Victorian Travel Permit System.

Staying safe

As restrictions ease it is more important than ever that we act every day to keep ourselves and others safe. Take the following actions to keep yourself and the community safe:

  • wash your hands regularly, including before you leave and when you return home
  • keep at least 1.5 metres between yourself and others
  • always carry a face mask with you when you leave home and wear it in the required situations, unless you have a lawful exception. More information is available on the DHHS face masks page.
  • cough and sneeze into your elbow
  • never, ever go out if you are unwell unless it is to get tested, then you must go straight home and stay there until you receive your test results.

The Victorian Government also advises meeting with friends and family outdoors, because there's a lower risk of spreading COVID-19 between people if you are outdoors.

COVID-19 recovery community grant and funding opportunities

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) youth content campaign

The Victorian Government is supporting young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to amplify their voices and encourage COVIDSafe behaviour during our road to recovery. Funding between $2,000 and $20,000 is available. Find out more at vic.gov.au

Council service changes

For a full list of venue closures and service changes in the City of Port Phillip, see Events, Service and Program Changes.

Translated resources

The Victorian Government has provided translated coronavirus information online in a number of languages. For more information about translated resources and interpreting services, visit Safety and Wellbeing during COVID-19.

COVIDSafe app

The Australian Government recommends that all Australians download the COVIDSafe app, to help speed up contacting people exposed to COVID-19. The more Australians that connect to the COVIDSafe app, the quicker the virus can be traced.


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