Community event planning checklist

Use this quick outdoor community event planning checklist to guide you through the steps to holding a community event in the City of Port Phillip and applying for our event permit.

An Event Manager is assigned to every outdoor community event held in our City's public open spaces. They will be the main contact for all your questions and will be available to help you through the process. 

Phone: 03 9209 6326


Using the checklist

Outdoor Community Event - planning checklist (PDF 683 KB)

  • Items with a checkbox will require a submission to Council to gain a permit.
  • Helpsheets are available for key processes.
  • Other items can be used as prompts for your planning.
  • Event Advisers are available to assist you through the process.


To apply you will need to:

Provisional approval

Once your concept is approved, you will receive a provisional approval email from Council. This email will include the additional information you are required to submit in order to gain a permit.

Permit process

As part of the permit process, you will need to supply a:

Optional applications

Developing your event

The items you should consider when planning your event are as follows - speak to your Event Manager if you would like further information:

Site set up

  • weighting Structures
  • drinking water
  • toilets
  • vehicle access
  • gas and electrical safety.

Health safety and risk

  • Child Safe and Working with Children checks
  • COVID-19 Safe Plan in place
  • extreme weather, shade and total fire bans
  • first aid.


  • music licences and noise controls
  • official attendance, such as inviting dignitaries.

Pre event planning

Post event

  • debrief meeting
  • the City of Port Phillip Service Survey
  • acquittal report (if required for funding).

External Agencies

Check with your event manager if you need to be in contact with any of the following agencies.


Contact number


Ambulance Victoria  
Council Building Services, POPE03 9209
Council Health Services, Food Services03 9209
Dial Before You Dig1100 
Energy Safe Victoria, gas safety1800 652 563 
Fire Rescue Victoria03 9662 2311 
Onemusic1300 162 

Parks Victoria,

events in the Bay

13 19 
Public Transport Victoria1800 800 007 
Streatrader, food registration  
VCGLR, liquor licence1300 182 457 
VicRoads03 9854 
Victoria Police03 9536 2666 

Victorian Building Association (VBA)

temporary structures

1300 815 127 
WorkSafe, safe worksites and fireworks1800 136 089 

Contact Event Services

Visit Online Services

Phone: 03 9209 6326 or 03 9209 6320

Post: Event Services, City of Port Phillip, Private Bag 3 St Kilda, Victoria, Australia 3182

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