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Parklets, play streets and pop-ups will be a key feature of summer in Port Phillip as we work closely with traders to reinvigorate the City under its COVID-19 economic recovery roadmap. 2020 has been a challenging year for local traders due to COVID-19 restrictions. These opportunities allow our community to continue to support their favourite local businesses. 

The creation of business parklets involves the repurposing of parking bays outside businesses to increase footpath trading, while offering patrons a safe environment to enjoy a meal. These are not intended to be permanent fixtures and are in place until 30 April 2021.

Are you a local business interested to create a parklet? Check business parklets for more information.

Outdoor dining this summer

We're supporting many local cafes, restaurants and pubs to extend their outdoor dining areas this summer.

Check the list below to see which of your neighbourhood spots has a parklet or extended outdoor trading space.

This list will be updated over time.

List updated: 15 January 2021

Where can I find parklets and extended outdoor dining?

Parklets can be open to the public daily subject to Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) and permit conditions. The parklets are not intended to be permanent fixtures and will be reviewed accordingly with community feedback.

If you have questions or concerns about the parklet program, please get in touch with ASSIST via Online Services or by phone 03 9209 6777.

South Melbourne Market expanded outdoor dining and pedestrian zone

The South Melbourne Market is a local community hub and, this summer, we're closing Cecil Street which borders the market to create a safe, inviting and accessible space for all community members.

This extended pedestrian zone will allow market customers to mingle and enjoy the Market atmosphere as well as supporting some of the Market’s hospitality traders to increase their outdoor dining capacity.

Starting in early January 2021, the Cecil Street pedestrian zone will be extended with the closure of the northbound lane of Cecil Street. 

Northbound traffic will be diverted at the corner of Coventry and Cecil Streets into Coventry Street.

The road will be closed to vehicles until at least 31 March 2021.

The bicycle access will be maintained, and moved to the right hand side of the closed lane.

Bus stops on this street will be temporarily relocated.

Community parklets

The Community Parklets program aims to provide a safe place for congregation, public seating, street greening and additional footpath space to an urban area or high street. These Community Parklets have turned parking bays into a place where you can safely gather to meet friends, eat lunch, enjoy a coffee, read a book or play with your family. They will remain in place until 31 March 2021. These Parklets were made possible thanks to a $100K grant from the Victorian Government’s Neighbourhood Activity Centre Renewal Fund and are located at:

  1. Napier Street, South Melbourne
  2. Bridport Street, Albert Park
  3. Spring Street South, Port Melbourne
  4. Marlborough Street, St Kilda East
  5. Meaden Street, Montague
  6. Moubray Street, Albert Park
  7. York Street, South Melbourne
  8. Mills St, Middle Park
  9. Tennyson St, Elwood
  10. Waterfront Place, Port Melbourne

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