World War Two significant dates for Australia

Discover the significant World War Two dates for Australia.

Argus. (1946). First Glimpse of the Home Folk as the Ship Pulls in alongside Princes Pier courtesy SLV

These dates are compiled from various sources and are indicative. For more information visit the Australian War Memorial website and the Shrine of Remembrance website.

1 September 1939Germany invades Poland
3 September 1939Britain and France declare war on Germany
3 September 1939Declaration of Australia’s involvement in the war
April/May 1940Germany invades Norway and Denmark and the Blitzkreig against Holland, France and Belgium is launched
26 May 1940Evacuation of British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk, France
11 June 1940Italy joins Axis powers
22 June 1940France signs armistice with Germany
June 1940Royal Australian Navy enters the war
July – October 1940British victory in the Battle of Britain
September 1940Japan joins Axis powers
1941Australian army engages in combat
22 June 1941Germany invades Russia in Operation Barbarossa
April to August 1941Siege of Tobruk, North Africa
7 December 1941Japan bombs Pearl Harbour, Hawaii, and the USA enters the war
1941John Curtin becomes Prime Minister of Australia
February 1942Fall of Singapore to Japan and the bombing of Darwin
May 1942Battle of Coral Sea
June 1942Battle of Midway, Pacific Ocean
1942 to 1943Battles in Papua New Guinea
November 1942Allied victory at El Alamein, North Africa
12 May 1943Axis powers surrender North Africa
3 September 1943Italy surrenders
January 1944Relief of Leningrad
6 June 1944D-Day – the Allied invasion of France
July 1944Japan evicted from Burma
7 May 1945German High Command signs unconditional surrender

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