Bike share (Lime)

Explore Port Phillip by electric-bike (e-bike) with Lime.

This innovative e-bike share scheme is back with a new owner after being temporarily suspended in March 2020 to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Trial period

The City of Port Phillip, the City of Melbourne and City of Yarra have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Lime to run the e-bike scheme on a one-year trial from December 2020.

The MOU establishes a framework for Lime to operate in Melbourne, supporting the safe use of e-bikes and protecting the amenity of our streets.

Bike numbers

In line with Council's Move, Connect, Live Strategy, the e-bikes offer an alternative, sustainable and affordable transport option for our community.

Lime will start with an initial rollout of about 300 e-bikes across the CBD, Port Phillip and parts of Yarra. Over time, the fleet size will be increased to 800.

Helmets and locks

Helmets and cable-locks are provided to users, and the scheme is supported by the Lime app, which includes e-bike locations, bookings and in-app instruction videos.


These e-bikes utilise geofencing and monitoring technologies and Lime can restrict where bikes are parked and users risk a fine if they park the bikes in restricted areas.


The e-bikes are available for hire via both the Lime and Uber apps.

Contact Lime

Lime is responsible for all aspects of the service and can be contacted at:

Phone: 1800 861 305

Car share

The City of Port Phillip is now home to over 180 car share vehicles provided by:

Some local residents make their own vehicles available for sharing through the neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing platform Car Next Door.

To find car share locations:

  1. Go to the Services Near Me page
  2. Enter your address.
  3. Select Transport and Parking from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select CarShare.
  5. Select individual location pins for information on the car share provider.

Why do we support this?

Our vision is for a connected and liveable City with a range of travel choices that are convenient, safe and accessible.

Research has shown that every car share vehicle takes around 10 cars off the road. Members of car share schemes reduce their car use by 50 per cent by walking, riding a bike and using public transport.

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