Boating and swimming zones

Boating and dedicated swimming only zones have been introduced on Port Phillip Bay for the beaches between Sandridge and Elwood. The zones are clearly marked by navigation markers located on the water and signage on the shore.
  • From 12 midday Tuesday 22 September to 6 pm Sunday 24 October, the City of Port Phillip will enter into the Election Period for the Council Elections.

    You can still contact us during this period and we’ll resume regular operation on Monday 26 October.

Looking out over the sand and water at Sandridge Beach

Sandridge Beach, Port Melbourne

Dedicated zones within Port Phillip

  • Swimming only zones in front of Sandridge, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and Elwood Life Saving Clubs
  • Swimming only zone on Middle Park Beach between Wright and Armstrong Streets
  • Swimming only zone for the entire length of St Kilda Beach from St Kilda Pier to Marina Reserve
  • Shared wind sport zone within St Kilda Harbour
  • Boating only zone at St Kilda Marina entrance 
Map showing Port Melbourne to St Kilda boating and swimming zones
Map showing Elwood to Seaford boating and swimming zones
Jetski being driven on Port Phillip Bay

(Image courtesy of Parks Victoria)

Activities on the water and more information

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