Art walks

Explore Port Phillip neighbourhoods by foot or bike and discover treasures in the Port Phillip art collection.

Albert Park Lake c1880s Courtesy of the Port Phillip City Collection

A selection of the works that inspired the Summer program of self-guided Art Walks is displayed in the Carlisle Street Arts Space, St Kilda Town Hall until 6 June 2022.

Upcoming events:

  • Join the Curator, Louisa Scott on 24 May at 10 am for a walk and talk at Carlisle Street Arts Space (no bookings required)
  • Join Cathy Henenberg on 31 May at 11 am for a guided art walk of Elwood at Night.
    To join Cathy, please reserve your art walk place.
    Participants will meet at the corner of Scott and Tennyson Streets in Elwood at 11 am.

Explore the Port Phillip Art Collection, and our talented artists, through a series of footpath decals that take residents and visitors on an exploration of Elwood, St Kilda, Albert Park, South Melbourne and Port Melbourne. Art Walks encourages participants to learn more about the history of Port Phillip while activating our neighbourhoods. Whether walking or cycling, you can also enjoy the offerings of nearby businesses.

These self-guided tours will be available from late 28 January to 6 June 2022.

Walk 1: Elwood: Elwood at Night

Artwork: Cathy Henenberg

Photographs created by Cathy Henenberg guide walkers from the corner of Bryon and Tennyson Streets in Elwood along the Elwood Canal. Night and darkness often evoke feelings of fear, danger and risk but these artworks present an alternative view of Elwood – the magical quality of the stillness of night.

Walk 2: Port Melbourne and Albert Park: Behind the Façade

Artwork: Michael Kluge

Behind the Façade provides a photographic glimpse of some of the internal spaces pf Port Phillip's unique and historically rich built environment. Starting at the Colonial Brewery, it includes the Borough Bar, a Bay Street shop, Elegant Slax, the Trugo Club, Tobruk House and ISKON - with many opportunities to enjoy cafés along the way. This is an ideal bike ride.

Walk 3: Foreshore from Port Melbourne to Elwood - Pier to Point

Artwork: Port Phillip City Collection

This walk/bike ride includes the work of 15 artists and depicts imagery related to our foreshore and other water themes artworks. It begins at Station Pier with a 1960s photograph by Bruno Benini and ends at Elwood with an 1860s image of Elwood Before Levelling by Thomas Clark. The work of Elizabeth Parsons, Mirka Mora and talented contemporary artists are also included.

Walk 4: South Melbourne: Parks Circuit

Artwork: Port Phillip City Collection

A short walk that begins and ends at Albert Park. It takes walkers to the Tapestry Workshop in Park Street and to Clarendon Street, Bank Street and Park Towers. It includes the work of Esther Paterson, David Jolly, Martin Kantor and Callum Morton.

Port Phillip City Collection

To view more artworks, explore the Port Phillip City Collection.

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