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Fog Theatre, Signature, 2019. Photography by Sarah Walker.

Fog Theatre

Formed in 1991, the Fog Theatre is a performance based arts project that caters for adults with an intellectual disability. Fog Theatre meets one day a week (Thursdays from 11 am to 3 pm) during Victorian School terms.

Fog Theatre's weekly workshops provide company members with additional experiences through:

  • performance opportunities
  • links to other drama groups, and
  • connections with other activities in the City of Port Phillip and the broader community.

Around 15 members participate in the group on an ongoing basis.

Through their involvement in Fog Theatre, members have the opportunity to:

  • develop drama, music and performance skills through weekly drama workshops
  • perform in major productions (bi-annually)
  • collaborate with other drama and performing groups
  • develop friendships
  • increase confidence and have fun!

Fog theatre information and participation

Fog News: 

Celebrating 25 Years of Inclusive Practice

2016 marked the 25th year of Fog Theatre, one of Australia's longest running theatre groups inclusive of performers with intellectual disability. To mark this auspicious milestone, Fog Theatre presented 'Where's The Cake?'. Watch Shine a Light - Celebrating 25 Years of Fog Theatre to find out more. Check our Facebook page for photos from the 'Where's The Cake?' performance.

Scene from 'Where's the cake' Fog Theatre, St Kilda Town Hall Auditorium, 2016

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