Access arts development programs

We have a strong commitment to access and equity for people who experience barriers to participation, the communities in which they live and the arts sector in which they aspire to participate.
A group of people male and female dancing together in a room

Fog Theatre, photography by Paul Dunn

Fog Theatre

Fog Theatre is a performance based arts project that caters for adults with an intellectual disability.


A group of performers in a party like atmosphere gathered together onsatge in front of two placards that say Happy Birthday 25 years

Where's the cake, FOG Theatre 25 year celebration, photography by Paul Dunn

A sole performer wearing a green shirt holding a red piano accordian stares up with a sweet melancholy look on his face

SPARC Theatre, Are you lonesome tonight, 2017, photography by Paul Dunn

SPARC Theatre

SPARC Theatre is a company of diverse performers, many of whom experience barriers to social and cultural participation.

Artist Mentoring Program

We welcome individual emerging artists who may experience barriers to participation and who live or work in the City of Port Phillip.

A wooden floored white walled gallery space containd brown carboard boxes of various sizes on which the artist has drawn very realistic faces in black  wan portraits

Daniel Coulson exhibition at Carlisle Street Arts Space 2019

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