Take climate action

Join the City of Port Phillip and declare a climate emergency. Here’s a checklist of some of the powerful actions you can take and information to help you do it.

1. Purchase certified GreenPower

Your electricity use is a big part of your emissions. Switch from fossil-fuel powered energy to clean renewable energy by buying GreenPower.

This also helps support the renewable energy industry in Australia. Find out more about GreenPower and compare GreenPower companies.

Explore ways to power your home with clean energy.

2. Divest from financial institutions that invest in fossil fuel

Find out where your bank, superannuation fund and insurance company invests your money and check it aligns with your values.

You can easily compare your bank and super fund, and find out which institutions do and don’t support the fossil fuel industry with Market Forces.

3. Support Council's advocacy efforts

Support Council's advocacy efforts to other levels of government to declare a climate emergency and take action to drastically reduce warming emissions in Australia and across the world.

4. Eat less resource-intensive foods such as red meat

Our Ecological footprint report was written specifically for the Port Phillip community to understand your footprint and the best ways you can reduce your environmental impact.

Eating less meat is one of the key actions identified in the report that you can take.

"The production of meat and dairy products requires extremely large amounts of land, land which is often cleared through the destruction of existing forests and ecosystems. Deforestation creates greenhouse gas emissions, which, combined with the amount of greenhouse gas emissions ruminant animals create, means that meat and dairy are a key contributor to our environmental footprint." - City of Port Phillip Eco Footprint Report.

5. Make your property more sustainable

Find out how to make changes and take sustainable actions at your home, including:

  • Planting trees
  • Installing solar and rainwater tanks
  • Insulating and draught-proofing.

Learn more about living sustainably at home.

6. Walk, ride and use public transport more

Fly and drive less.

There are many ways to get around our city. Find transport options and maps.

7. Buy fewer disposable products, reduce waste and recycle right

Everything you buy needs land, water and energy to be made and transported to you. You have power in every dollar you spend - use it wisely.

Whatever waste you have needs to be properly separated:

8. Join local environmental groups

While personal action is important, you can also help change the larger system by supporting a climate action group.

You could join a local group. Here’s a list of them.

Or join one of the big climate action groups, here are some suggestions:

9. Plan for increased extreme weather events

Read our guide on preparing for storms, flooding and heatwaves.

Get more help

If you want more advice about ways to reduce your emissions, contact us:

Email: enviro@portphillip.vic.gov.au
Phone: 03 9209 6777