During summer (1 November to 31 March) dog off-leash area restrictions change. Please see the view the beach access restrictions map (PDF 143 KB) or the information below for more details.

Two dog beaches during summer are early morning beaches only:

  • Middle Park Beach
  • Elwood Beach.

Let your dog play on:

  • Sandridge Beach: between the rock groyne opposite Barak Road and the rock groyne opposite Cumberland Road
  • Port Melbourne Beach: between Port Melbourne Yacht Club and Lagoon Pier
  • Middle Park: between Kerferd Road Pier and Langridge Street (7.30 pm to 10 am, 1 November to 31 March)
  • St Kilda West: West Beach
  • St Kilda Beach: Along Pier Road to the drainage channel at the north-west end of Pier Rd and between Brooks Jetty and the northern end of the car park towards St Kilda Marina
  • Elwood Beach: between the rock groyne south of Point Ormond and the beach access ramp 35 metres south-east of Normandy Road (5.30 am to 9.30 am, 1 November to 31 March).

For locations and more information about off-leash areas, view the dog parks and reserves map.

All year restrictions

Dogs and cats are prohibited in the following environmentally sensitive areas all year:

  • Perce White Reserve, Port Melbourne
  • West Beach St Kilda (not allowed on environmentally sensitive dune area).

Dog owner reminders

Dog owners, please:

  • refer to the signage at our beaches, parks and reserves
  • keep your dog on leash, except in the designated off-leash areas
  • don't forget it's now mandatory to carry bags or other devices and clean up after your dog
  • carry a leash and keep your dog under effective control on off-leash beaches at all times
  • ensure your dog doesn’t disturb other people, animals and wildlife.

Find your nearest beach

To find your nearest dog off-leash beach areas, visit Services Near Me.