This escalation process is set out in the infringements legislation. Fines Victoria explains the fines lifecycle on their website.

Step 1: Parking fine

A parking fine will be attached to your windscreen or posted to the registered owner of the vehicle. You will have 28 days to take action.
On the back of the notice, it will outline your options for payment and how you can appeal the infringement.
If you don't act by the due date on your fine, you will be issued with a Penalty Reminder Notice.

Step 2: Penalty reminder notice

After the initial due date, we will send the registered owner a reminder called a Penalty Reminder Notice. This will add 28 days for you to take and an include an additional fee of $26.20. The notice will provide options including:

  • paying the total amount by the new due date
  • requesting an internal review of the fine, so long as this has not already taken place
  • choosing to have the matter heard and determined in the Magistrates' Court

Step 3: Notice of Final Demand

If you have ignored your infringement notice, penalty reminder notice and final warning notice, the infringement is referred to Fines Victoria, which adds an additional fee of $135.40.
A notice of final demand is a written document to enforce an unpaid fine with added costs. You have 21 days to action this notice.

Step 4: Fines Victoria enforcement action

If no further action is taken by you before the due date on the Notice of Final Demand, Fines Victoria may take action to collect the fine, including sanctions to suspend your drivers licence and vehicle registration. For more information, visit Fines Victoria's fines lifecycle.

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