Parking fines and you

We ensure compliance by enforcing parking restrictions and issue parking fines to non-compliant vehicle. Our parking officers encourage voluntary compliance by drivers; this means that if a driver is with their vehicle, they are typically given an opportunity to move before a parking fine is issued.
  • From 12 midday Tuesday 22 September to 6 pm Sunday 24 October, the City of Port Phillip will enter into the Election Period for the Council Elections.

    You can still contact us during this period and we’ll resume regular operation on Monday 26 October.

If you do not comply with a request made by the parking officer within a reasonable time, you may receive a parking fine.

Please ensure you contact us before the due date printed on the infringement notice. You may opt to:

If you do not contact us before the due date (usually 28 days from date of offence), additional costs may be incurred. For more information about the infringement lifecycle, please see our what happens to overdue fines web page.

Penalty amounts

For the 2020–21 financial year, fines ranges from $83 to $165 depending on the offence.

Fine values are set by the State Government and increase annually. The City of Port Phillip can't vary or reduce these penalty amounts.

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