Overdue fines and the infringements process

If you don’t pay your parking fine it moves along to the next step, with extra fees and penalties added. Find out about your options at each stage.

The parking fines process has 4 steps:

  1. fine issued (Council)
  2. written reminder sent and extra fee added (Council)
  3. final notice sent and extra fee added (Fines Victoria)
  4. action taken and extra fees and possible penalties (Fines Victoria).

1: Parking fine issued

You have received a fine – stuck to your windscreen or posted to the registered owner of the vehicle. You will have 28 days to pay the fine or appeal it.

If you don't act by the due date on your fine, you will be sent a penalty reminder notice.

2: Penalty reminder notice and sent (courtesy and final warning)

If a fine due date has passed, we send the registered owner a reminder. This includes a new due date (+28 days) and an extra fee of $26.20. You can then:

  • pay the total amount by the new due date
  • request an internal review of the fine (if not already appealed)
  • choose to have the matter heard in court.

3: Notice of final demand sent

If you have still not done anything about your fine, it goes to Fines Victoria. They add an extra fee of $135.40 and send you a notice of final demand. You have 21 days to act.

4: Action taken

If your Fines Victoria due date passes, they will take action. They will collect the fine and may also suspend your driver’s licence and vehicle registration. For more information, go to Fines Victoria's fines lifecycle.