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September 2020

Community owned renewable energy

  • community owned energy projects and their benefits
  • types of projects and successful models 
  • how you can get started on developing a renewable energy project

Download the presentation (PDF 5.7 MB) by Dr Franziska Mey, Director of the Community Power Agency.

August 2020

How businesses can generate solar energy from shared roof tops

  • SolShare, a world first ‘behind-the-meter’ technology that can be installed with no upfront capital cost.
  • How you can install solar on a common roof and share the renewable energy without any change to standard metering infrastructure
  • How this model can help you save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Guest speaker: Jack Taylor, Head of Business Development at Allume Energy

Watch the recording of the event. Password: rPCEN5PJ

Download the presentation (PDF 2 MB) or watch a video about Allume and their technology

Bioenergy as a carbon neutral energy source for businesses

• How bioenergy processes can support you to reduce waste to landfill
• How you can use bioenergy as a carbon neutral energy source
• How this works on a national level including the production of bioenergy from dairies, mushrooms, used coffee grounds and landfill

Guest speaker: Dr Rebecca Yee, Co-founder of Biofuel Innovations

Watch the recording of the webinar. Password: eXPSNCj5

Download the presentation (PDF 3.2KB). 

July 2020

Carbon neutrality and power purchase agreements 

Attendees gained insight about:

  • the growing number of businesses moving towards 100% renewable energy sourcing for their operations and a zero carbon footprint
  • the opportunity to move towards this at little to no additional cost to your business

Guest Speaker: Mal Campbell, Technical Director of Frontier Impact Group

Watch the recording of the webinar. Password: 4uPji3gJ

Download the presentation (PDF 730 KB)

June 2020

Circular economy

Find out what the circular economy is all about, why it should be of commercial interest for businesses in Victoria and how a circular economy network could be created in the City of Port Philip.

This webinar also revealed details about the Kaludborg Symbiosis – an incredible network of businesses that is known globally as the pioneering community for the circular economy.

Guest Speaker: Dr Scott Valentine, Senior circular economy specialist at KPMG, former Professor and Associate Dean of Sustainability and Urban Planning at RMIT.

Watch the recording of the event and enter the password: Sustainability1

Hydrogen energy

This webinar covered hydrogen energy as a zero emissions fuel and Toyota Australia’s Hydrogen Project.

Watch the recording of the event and enter the password: UgEJPPm8

May 2020

Environmental upgrade agreements

Unlock immediate cash savings and find out how Environmental Upgrade Agreements help businesses become sustainable and save money.

Guest speaker Christine Gross, from the Sustainable Australia Fund joined us to talk about Council’s finance program to help businesses upgrade their buildings for environmental benefit.

Download the presentation (PDF 1.6 MB)

Watch the recording of the event and enter the password: Sustainability1

Sustainable purchasing

This event was held online and featured guest speaker, Stephen Reardon from EY talking about sustainable purchasing and how to avoid being misled by 'greenwashing'.

Download the presentation. (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Watch the recording of this event and enter the password: Sustainability1

February 2020 


This breakfast focussed on waste with two industry experts from Vanden Recycling and Reground.

Download the presentation by Simon van Leuven from Vanden Recycling (PDF 27.5 MB) or listen to his podcast, Think Beginning, Not End

Download the presentation by Kaitlin Reid from Reground (PDF, 8.8 MB)

November 2019


Environmental Upgrade Finance enables businesses to borrow money with competitive terms so they can upgrade their buildings to save on energy, water and waste.

Popular projects include solar PV systems, energy efficiency upgrades, and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Council offers this finance program as a way to help our businesses run more sustainable businesses. 

Download the presentation about Sustainable Finance (PDF, 8.9 MB).

Download the presentation about Environmental Upgrade Finance (PDF, 5.9 MB)

September 2019

Making change

Held in the beautiful White House home of Small Giants, the theme for this event was: How your business can be a force for change.

Guest speakers: Lauren Diggle from B Corp and Kaj Lofgren from Small Giants talked about their experiences and the change they are making in operating their businesses.

Download the presentation (PDF, 6.2 MB).

May 2019

Business efficiency

Held at the Coventry Cafe in South Melbourne on the topic: How to run a more efficient business.

Guest speakers included:

Jacqui Cooper, former world champion and Olympic skier with an inspirational and insightful story of overcoming adversity to achieve success in elite sports and business.

Graeme Ambrose - Energy efficiency expert, Eco Decisions.

Reahan Martin - Sustainability Consultant, EnviroGroup.

Amy Huva – Impact Officer, Morris Group

Download the presentation (PDF, 13.9 MB)

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