Creative industries

Our City has a strong cultural heritage that brings colour and meaning to our lives, shaping how our community sees itself, with art, creativity and innovation part of the DNA of Port Phillip and reflected in the diversity of our Creative Industries.
A group of young people male and female gathered some seated some standing talking and sharing computer screens looking at games.

Gender Equality Game Jam, 2019, Girl Geek Academy

Creative Industries in Port Phillip spans everything from individual artists to high capital film, television, and videogame production. With a mix of strategy, policy, research, and targeted support, we ensure that Port Phillip's creative practitioners can take their ideas to the world stage.

Live n Local 2018, Photo by Wayne.

We have a strategy

Discover the Art and Soul - Creative and Prosperous City Strategy.

Digital interface for Creative Port Phillip Map, 2019

Explore our unique creative landscape

Port Phillip has a diverse and vibrant creative landscape.

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