Commercial centre funding

A Special Rate or Charge Scheme can provide a significant commercial centre funding to market and promote a precinct.

A Special Rate or Charge Scheme (marketing, promotion and tourism fund) is money that is raised by Council through a levy on properties used for commercial purposes within a defined boundary, normally an activity centre.

Schemes are usually prepared and facilitated by Council at the request of the respective Business or Trader Association of that precinct.

The funds collected are wholly allocated to an incorporated Business or Trader Association via a funding agreement with Council. The Association is required to expend the funds specifically for the purposes of promoting and marketing the commercial centre.

Schemes in Port Phillip are usually in place for a period of five years and require renewal upon expiry.

A Special Rate or Charge Scheme can provide a significant pool of funds to market and promote a precinct. As such, Council's Placemaking and Rates teams provide support with scheme:

  • implementation
  • renewal
  • governance
  • day-to-day operations
  • strategic planning such as business and action plans.

There are three Special Rate or Charge Schemes currently active in Port Phillip:

For further information on the schemes, please contact the Placemaking team on

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