Fishermans Bend: pre 2016 project history

Discover the planning history for Fishermans Bend.
Aerial photo of the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area in Melbourne, showing the industrial precinct of Sandridge and the Westgate Freeway

2012 – Fishermans Bend rezoning

In July 2012, the Minister for Planning identified the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area (FBURA) as an urban renewal project of State significance and rezoned the area as Capital City Zone (CCZ).

The rezoning of FBURA expanded the CCZ by more than 50 per cent providing potential to generate significant business investment, employment and new housing supply. The initial renewal area was 248 Ha in size, with approximately 217 Ha (or 90 per cent) within the City of Port Phillip.

For more information about Planning Scheme Amendment C102, which introduced the CCZ, and other associated Fishermans Bend Planning Scheme Amendments into the Port Phillip Planning Scheme, see the Explanatory Report – Port Phillip Planning Scheme Amendment C102.

Following the rezoning to the Capital City Zone (CCZ) in 2012, Council adopted the FBURA Guiding Principles and Strategic Directions to inform Council's position on the rezoning, and to advocate for Council’s position on the key outcomes for FBURA.

2012 – Council adopted Montague Precinct Structure Plan

Council adopted a Structure Plan for the Montague Precinct in September 2012. The Structure Plan established Montague as a highly liveable and sustainable mixed use precinct.

For more information on the Structure Plan, see Montague Precinct

2013 – Fishermans Bend draft vision

In September 2013 Places Victoria released the FBURA Draft Vision. Places Victoria led a consultation process to seek feedback on the Draft Vision.

Council also sought feedback from the community to inform a City of Port Phillip submission to Places Victoria on the Draft Vision. View more information on Council’s Have Your Say website.

2014 to 2015 – Strategic Framework Plan for Fishermans Bend released

In July 2014, the Victorian Government released the Fishermans Bend Strategic Framework Plan. This Plan was developed to assess land use and development proposals in FBURA, as well as guide public and private investment in infrastructure.

On 17 April 2015 the Minister for Planning:

  • amended the planning controls for Fishermans Bend to introduce interim mandatory height controls (to 17 April 2017)
  • amended the Fishermans Bend Strategic Framework Plan
  • incorporated industrial zoned land in the City of Melbourne (to be known as the Fishermans Bend Employment Precinct) into the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Precinct (expanding the FBURA to 455 hectares)
  • announced a new 18 month strategic planning phase for the project, including the development of detailed neighbourhood precinct plans, and creation of an Infrastructure Plan.

Since the release of the amended Strategic Framework Plan in 2015, Fishermans Bend was then further expanded to 491 hectares to include West Gate Park and exclude Port of Melbourne land along the Yarra River.

2015 – Formation of Ministerial Advisory Committee for Fishermans Bend

In July 2015, the Minister for Planning appointed an advisory committee for Fishermans Bend comprising six experts in urban issues, the two mayors of the cities of Melbourne and Port Phillip, and three community representatives. The role of the Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) is to provide advice to the Minister for Planning in relation to Fishermans Bend Recast.

In October 2015, the Ministerial Advisory Committee prepared their first report, including 40 recommendations for the approach and planning for Fishermans Bend. The report is available at DELWP's Have Your Say.

2016 – Recasting Fishermans Bend

In early 2016, the Minister for Planning established the Fishermans Bend Taskforce, to work together with the Ministerial Advisory Committee and the community to develop a blueprint for Fishermans Bend that will transform it into a place for everyone.

On 27 May 2016, the Fishermans Bend Taskforce released the Fishermans Bend Recast Vision for public consultation until 1 July 2016. The Vision sets a framework to help guide the planning for Fishermans Bend.

Council lodged a submission of conditional support for the Fishermans Bend Recast Vision to the Taskforce on 1 July 2016. Council’s submission was informed by engagement with key technical experts across the organisation and Council’s Fishermans Bend Community Forum, which is made up of 18 members who represent local community groups, businesses, landowners and developers.

This submission was endorsed at the 28 June 2016 Ordinary Meeting of Council.

On 03 October 2016, the Victorian Government released the Fishermans Bend Vision (September 2016) setting out the ambitions for the FBURA overall and the five precincts for 2050.

On 14 November 2016, the Minister for Planning:

  • further amended the planning controls for Fishermans Bend to move the interim height controls from the Capital City Zone (CCZ1) to a new Design and Development Overlay (DDO30) and introduce new maximum street wall / podium heights and mandatory street and boundary setbacks and tower separation distances above podium level (to 31 March 2018)
  • introduced new Local Policy (Clause 22.15) encouraging affordable housing and increased commercial floor area along certain streets
  • further amended the Fishermans Bend Strategic Framework Plan (September 2016).

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