M.O. Moran Reserve dog park

We have received $275,000 through the DELWP Local Parks Program for a new enclosed dog off-leash area in MO Moran Reserve in Elwood.
Aerial photo of MO Moran Reserve with dog park area outlined as green grass area in centre of photo.

A new foreshore dog park

We know that dogs need room to run and play without a leash in a safe and accessible public space. That’s why we are working with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to design an off-leash dog park at M.O. Moran Reserve. The park is ideally located in on the Elwood foreshore so dogs and their owners can enjoy the freedom of our open spaces close to parking and the Bay Trail.

Surrounded by a fenced off space, the park will provide a safe space for dogs to run and play as well as accommodate the needs of dog owners in our community with amenities that dogs and their owners can enjoy. This includes seating, paths and access points from the car park and surrounding areas, multiple rubbish bins and drinking fountains with dog bowls so they can stay hydrated.

We will be installing garden beds that will enhance the natural environment and provide additional play spaces and shade through tree planting in the park.


Construction is anticipated to begin in late April and be completed in June. We expect the impact to local residents to be minimal. During this time, temporary fencing will be installed, and there may be some normal construction noise from the site.


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