JL Murphy Reserve, Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne



Why are we doing this?

In late 2018, we sought your feedback on a draft concept plan for a new playground at JL Murphy Reserve. This project was put on hold while the sports pavilion was being constructed.

We have been working on finalising the design based on the feedback received as well as taking into consideration the design of the new pavilion and existing trees.

Now that the pavilion construction is completed, we are ready to start works on the new playground, as well as, driveway access in front of the pavilion and other landscape works, to connect the pavilion and playground to the surrounding reserve.

The impact

Works began in July and are due to be completed by mid-November 2020. Access to the pavilion and other areas of JL Murphy Reserve will remain open during construction. Please follow any signage or directions around the construction site.


Once complete, these works will improve access to the park and pavilion area, achieve landscaping and park integration and provide a new playground and recreation facilities.


  • Two large play structures, one junior and one senior, to cater for children of all ages and abilities
  • Three new swing units including a large 360-degree basket swing
  • Carousel
  • Musical elements and nature play activities
Concept images of playground clockwise from top left include multi directional swing, junior play structure, multi use half court and senior play space structure

Concept images clockwise from top left: Multidirectional Swing, Junior play structure, Multiuse half court, Senior play structure


Half sized basketball or netball court.

Landscaping and park integration

  • Seating, bins and bike hoops
  • Upgrade of the exiting BBQ space
  • New picnic shelter
  • Extensive new tree planting and garden beds
  • New paths and lighting
  • Turfed mounds to re-use soil stockpiled from the pavilion works

Pavilion driveway

  • New driveway and four parking bays, two accessible, to service the park and pavilion area
  • Tree planting and a raingarden
Landscape concept plan for JL Murphy Playspace including tree plantings, new paths, driveway with two accessible parking spaces and other recreational facilities such as seating, bike hoops and picnic shelter

Landscape concept plan

Contact us

We will continue to update this page with any information as construction progresses. For more information about the upgrade please contact the Open Space Team.

Email: openspace@portphillip.vic.gov.au 
Phone: 03 9209 6777
Mail: Open Space, City of Port Phillip, Private Bag No. 3, St Kilda PO VIC 3182