Bay Trail public lighting upgrade

We are upgrading the lighting along the Bay Trail and foreshore, from Station Pier to Kerferd Road, to create a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly foreshore.


Bay Trail, from Waterfront Place in Port Melbourne to Kerferd Road in Middle Park.


Why are we doing this?

The Bay Trail is a major recreational and commuter path for bike riders and pedestrians. As user numbers have increased, so has the need to improve the quality of lighting.

The impact

The upgrade will ensure lighting meets the standards of Council’s Sustainable Public Lighting Guidelines, which seek to:

  • create a safer night time environment for the community
  • embrace Council’s commitment to sustainability by providing better lighting systems
  • improve the look and feel of the City’s consistent approaches to delivering attractive design.


The Bay Trail will remain open during the upgrade; however, minor disruptions may occur. Temporary lighting will be installed during construction.

Upgraded lights

The existing green goose neck lights and poles will be replaced, as they have reached the end of their asset life, with severe corrosion affecting many of the poles.

The upgrade will utilise high performance exterior lighting technology, with the latest LED and dimming technology that will lower power consumption by 50 per cent and increase LED lamplife.

Like other sections of the Bay Trail and foreshore, slimline lanterns and poles, with corrosion protection and sealing technology suitable for the foreshore environment, will be used.

Evenly and appropriately spaced poles will provide a consistent and uniform lighting experience, focusing light only on the Bay Trail and foreshore paths. This technology eliminates upward light and glare without compromise to the surrounding area or the night sky.

Motion sensors will also be installed to adjust brightness to suit usage - helping increase energy efficiency by 20 per cent.

Project stages

The project will be completed in a staged approach to minimise disruptions:

  • Stage 1:  Waterfront Place to Port Melbourne Yacht Club - completed
  • Stage 2: Port Melbourne Yacht Club to Lagoon Pier - completed
  • Stage 3: Lagoon Pier to South Melbourne Life Saving Club - to be advised
  • Stage 4: South Melbourne Life Saving Club to Kerferd Road- in progress, expected completion end of June 2020

More information

For more information, to ask questions or provide feedback, please Contact us or Assist on (03) 9209 6777.