Update on Luna Park and Palais Theatre revitalisation project

    Published 3 October 2022

    Removed fencing and temporary paving at Luna Park forecourt. Work on this section of the project will resume after summer.

    We have been working to revitalise the Luna Park and Palais Theatre precinct to create a safer, pedestrian-friendly, attractive and usable space. 

    You may have noticed the temporary fencing that was around Luna Park has now been removed and that the forecourt has reopened.

    As previously notified, storm water drainage issues that have been identified in the precinct  has created unexpected delays in the project.

    In a separate project, we recently developed a hydraulic model to identify the impacts of stormwater across the City. This model highlighted some concerns that need rectification to futureproof the precinct to prevent flooding. Thankfully we were able to pick this up prior to construction commencement and are working on measures to mitigate this issue.

    As a result of the drainage issues, our construction timeline has been delayed.

    We’re conscious that residents, visitors and traders want to enjoy full access to this area over the summer season.

    To minimise disruption to the community and our traders over this time, we have made the difficult decision to stop all works on the Palais / Luna Park Precinct project through the peak summer season.

    The Palais Theatre forecourt will be re-established to allow for ease of access to the Theatre and surrounding attractions over this busy period.

    Drainage upgrade works will start after summer and we will recommence the project construction directly following completion of these works.

    Find out more: Palais Theatre and Luna Park precinct revitalisation - City of Port Phillip

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