With summer right around the corner, we need your help to ensure our beautiful City stays safe, clean and fun for everyone.

Our foreshore and regional parks continue to be some of the most popular destinations in Victoria over summer.

To manage an influx of excited tourists and locals, we annually introduce a range of restrictions that run from 1 November to 31 March. These restrictions help us keep our community safe and provides a coordinated response to minimise harm and negative impacts created by large crowds during the extended summer period.

It’s important for you to know where and when restrictions apply so that you can play your part in keeping our foreshore safe, clean and fun for everyone and avoid incurring any penalties that may dampen the summer fun.

The 2022-23 summer restrictions

  • Alcohol bans – We have a range of alcohol bans in affect around our City. Apart from the year-round bans, we also have the St Kilda foreshore (1 November to 31 March) and holiday specific alcohol bans. Victoria Police will be enforcing these bans and non-compliance will result in a $200 fine.
  • Glass ban – We have a year-round glass ban, which means glass of any kind is not allowed along our foreshore. To keep our foreshore safe and glass-free, we ask that you leave all glass at home. Non-compliance may result in our Local Law Officers confiscating glass items.
  • Dog off-leash areas – Dog off-leash areas change between 1 November and 31 March, especially on our beaches. Make sure you know where and when your dog can be on and off-leash. On the spot fines of $185 apply. We have a number of dog parks and beaches across the City, including a brand new fenced, off-leash area at M.O. Moran Reserve on Elwood foreshore.
  • No camping - Camping is not allowed on any Council land or public space, in any vehicle, tent, caravan or any other form of temporary accommodation. Our Local Laws Officers will be patrolling the beach car parks, reserves and streets at all hours enforcing the camping laws and moving campers along.

There are a range of signs about these restrictions located in important areas across the City.

Apart from the restrictions, we also ask that you dispose of rubbish responsibly, be sun smart when you’re enjoying the outdoors, take steps to beat the heat and stay water safe when swimming in our beautiful bay.

Don’t worry, it’s not all rules and restrictions this summer. There are some amazing activities and events coming too. Make sure you check our What’s On page and follow us on social media to stay up to date on all the latest events. You might also want to mark the 18 and 19 February 2023 on your calendar, because the St Kilda Festival will be back in a big way!

And for more information about the summer restrictions and for some handy summer tips, check out our Play Your Part page.

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