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St Kilda Junction receives a makeover

Published 14 December 2021

The new mural at St Kilda Junction

The “Gateway to St Kilda” has received a splash of colour after a graffiti jam reinvigorated the area.

Seventy-five artists came together in November to repaint the 1500 square metres of the Junction tram stop, including subway walls and road sidings to make the area more appealing for locals and visitors.

The artwork was commissioned under the theme of ‘Welcome to St Kilda’, creating a sense of place and pride.

The St Kilda Junction Mural Project is also aimed at reducing graffiti, as studies suggest vandals are less likely to graffiti public spaces featuring art out of respect for the artists.

Usually, councils can’t remove graffiti or touch assets owned by the Victorian Government and third parties, such as utilities suppliers and transport providers.

Under this partnership with Yarra Trams and VicRoads, however, Council’s efforts to deter graffiti have been strengthened through this artwork created on third-party public assets, with the funding for the project secured via the Department of Treasury.

The project’s head artist, Paul from Urban Enhancement, said each section of St Kilda Junction features a different colour as artists were given their own individual space to work.

“A tram stopped before and the driver said to me, ‘I drive through here every day and it was really ugly, now it looks beautiful, thank you so much’. We’ve been getting that response from people of all ages, coming through on their bikes or pushing a pram.”

The St Kilda Junction Mural Project was undertaken following strong interest from the community, led by St Kilda Junction Area Action Group (JAAG).

To view the revamped St Kilda Junction, visit Council’s Youtube page.