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Spark new recycling habits this spring

Published 2 September 2021
Charge ahead with these electronic waste (e-waste) recycling tips.

E-waste is any item with a plug, battery or power cord that is no longer wanted. Common examples include laptops, mobile phones, light bulbs, smoke detectors, microwaves, kettles, toasters, TVs and printers.

These items don’t go in either your household rubbish or your yellow recycling bin. The valuable materials in e-waste can be recovered and re-used through special dedicated recycling services.

Where to take your e-waste

Library e-waste drop-off points are no longer operating but there is an increasing number of ways to safely dispose of old and no longer working e-waste products:

  • Book a free hard waste collection and we’ll collect them from you. This is handy for larger items like microwaves and TVs.

  • Hold onto them and bring them to the Resource Recovery Centre in South Melbourne after lockdown restrictions lift.

  • A growing list of retailers accept and recycle electronics, printer cartridges, old mobile phones and batteries for free. Officeworks is one of many participating stores. Find more advice on Sustainability Victoria’s e-waste page.

  • For smaller gadgets, consider bringing them to St Kilda Repair Café or other repair services. If your electronic item is broken and it’s a quick fix rather than irreparable, you can try repair services to give them a second lease of life

Security tip

Don’t forget to clear all personal data from devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers before disposal.

For information on removing data from your device, visit Sustainability Victoria's e-waste security tips.

For more recycling tips, visit our handy guide to waste and recycling

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