The City of Port Phillip is an open and engaging Council

Council operates in an open and transparent manner when making decisions.

We engage our community on key issues of significance by actively seeking input through community reference groups, from broad cross-sections of the community and through community engagement practices that include the use of face-to-face and online mediums.

We encourage community participation and offer opportunities to speak at Council meetings. Confidential reports are kept to a minimum, with every effort made to ensure the majority of decisions are considered in open Council meetings, including tenders and legal matters where possible.

We have maintained our commitment to involving people in the process and ensuring decisions are made in the best interests of the whole community.

The City of Port Phillip Governance Rules (PDF 339 KB)

1. Nature of Rules
These are the Governance Rules of City of Port Phillip, made in accordance with section 60 of the Local Government Act 2020.

2. Date of Commencement
These Governance Rules commence on 1 September 2020.

3. Contents
These Governance Rules are divided into the following Chapters:

Chapter 1Governance Framework
Chapter 2Meeting Procedure for Council Meetings
Chapter 3Meeting Procedure for Delegated Committees
Chapter 4Meeting Procedure for Community Asset Committees
Chapter 5Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest
Chapter 6Miscellaneous
Chapter 7Use of the Common Seal
Chapter 8Election Period Policy

The Role of The Local Government Act

Public Interest Disclosure (Whistle Blowing)

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