Following the election of our new Council in 2020, we have developed a draft Council Plan. Developing the Plan involves consultation with Councillors, staff and our community.

Be involved and have your say

Engaging with our community is at the heart of developing our Council Plan, and we’re so pleased to be able to invite everyone in our community to view the draft Plan and have your say.

Everyone in our community is invited to review the Plan and provide feedback. You can share your feedback with us either online or in person at our 'neighbourhood pop-ups' that are being held between 1 and 16 May.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details of when we’ll be visiting a neighbourhood near you.

Our challenges

The Council Plan 2021-31 will need to meet the challenges and opportunities posed by social, economic, political and environmental factors over the next decade and shape the future of our community. Many of the long-term challenges identified in previous Council Plans remain critical and have helped inform the development of the draft Council Plan 2021-31.

The draft Council Plan has been shaped by recent challenges, which must be addressed if we are to achieve the vision our community has for Port Phillip over the coming years. The challenges that need to be addressed are:

A city of economic and social contrasts

Addressing issues such as:

  • disadvantage
  • homelessness
  • health, economic and social impacts of COVID-19
  • greater connectivity for the community.

Changing customer expectations and needs

Continuing to build new technologies to transform the way our community engages with Council.

Government, legislative and technology changes

Providing high quality, efficient public services, with strong communication and engagement, ensuring transparency of information and government service provision, preparing for legislative change, and preparing for and mitigating cybercrime.

Climate change and the environment

Continuing to prepare for and mitigate impacts of climate change, reduce carbon emissions, provide effective waste management, mitigate environmental contamination.

The strength and diversity of our local economy

Addressing the economic impact of COVID-19 on our City, rebuilding our economy, leveraging our strength in creative industries while cultivating innovation businesses and start-ups, and embracing our public spaces for new uses beyond recreation.

Future-proofing our growing city

COVID-19 impact of steadying population growth and developments, but with significant population growth expected longer term, and planning ahead for increased demands for everything from access to open space to services such as waste collection.

Getting around our dense inner city

Addressing how we can get around our City safely, with minimal environmental impact, best use of existing infrastructure, impact of the pandemic on how people choose to get around, personal health and safety priorities, partnerships with other government bodies.

Our draft Community Vision

Proudly Port Phillip: A liveable and vibrant City that enhances the wellbeing of our community.

A decade from now...

We recognise the legacy of the traditional owners of the land, the Yaluk-ut Weelam Clan of the Boonwurrung and acknowledge the foresight of others who have come before us.

We celebrate Port Phillip as a city of many distinct places, connected by the common threads of safety, inclusion and wellbeing so everyone can live their best life. We have a well-designed and planned city where the heritage and character of the built form of our City is enhanced and protected.

We are renowned as a cultural hub, from live music to our creative industries. This creativity drives music, exhibitions and events which delight residents and encourage visitors to keep returning.

Our more diverse local economy enjoys greater protection from financial shocks and new investment and industries within our City are generating jobs and prosperity.

We have a range of accessible and active transport choices that make it easy for everyone to move around our City. Visiting lively shopping and dining destinations or accessing public transport is all possible within a 10 to 15-minute walk from our neighbourhoods.

Our health and wellbeing are enriched by having quality public spaces close to home. We can visit these spaces easily to enjoy quiet moments or more active pursuits with our friends and families.

The beauty and biodiversity of our coastal, bay, park, waterway and inland environments are protected and enhanced for future generations to enjoy. We have played our part in promoting and addressing environmental sustainability, from tackling climate change, emissions and sea level rise to minimising flooding risks.

We are proud that our participation in civic life means Port Phillip has retained its unique character and heritage while being admired as a creative hub that continues to evolve and innovate. We know our voice is heard and helps deliver meaningful outcomes.

We have a local Council that strives to deliver services in the most efficient, transparent and equitable way. Our Council provides strong financial stewardship, is responsible and works hard to balance meeting community expectations and diversifying revenue streams with minimising costs for our community.

This is the minimum we hope for our community in 10 years’ time – we hope to achieve much more.

This is our legacy for generations to come.

What's happening and when

April to May: Consulting on the draft Council Plan
Let us know what you think of the draft Council Plan. Have Your Say before 23 May.

May to June: Reviewing your feedback
We will be reviewing your feedback and preparing the Council Plan 2021-31.

Late June: Adopting the Council Plan 2021-31
The Plan will be presented to Council for consideration.