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The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall

The Gallery is an exhibition space at the St Kilda Town Hall. It presents exhibitions by local artists which encourage an appreciation for arts and culture, and are of particular relevance to the area and its community.

Located just inside the main entrance of the St Kilda Town Hall, The Gallery is a versatile space with the capacity to present a range of visual arts practice including painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, textiles, media and installation works.

Council aims to provide a balanced exhibition program, which incorporates exhibitions by community groups, individual artists and themed exhibitions sourced from the Port Phillip City Collection. The City invites individual artists or community groups to submit an expression of interest to exhibit. Applications received will be considered by an exhibition programs committee consisting of Council staff and representatives from the local community. Applications are selected according to how well they address the selection criteria and the availability of preferred exhibition dates.

Gallery Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm


Applications for the 2017 exhibition program.

Applications for the 2017 program are now open. Please access the application form here.

Please read the Eligibility and Criteria information and the Procedures and Practice document

Please contact the curator if you would like to join the mailing list or have further enquiries or 03 9209 6215.

The Gallery floor plan is available here.

Applications close on Friday 15 July at 5pm.


January to July 2016 Exhibition Program

6 January to 3 February
ROOM 1 Antonia Hempel: Renewal

This exhibition explores water as a symbol of the connectivity of all living things, and as a tool for exploring a meditative calming response. Meditation is an important element to understanding connectivity and a way to reconnect with nature. The work tells of an instance of resumption of connectivity after an interruption; the interruption is our disconnection with nature.

6 January to 3 February
ROOMS 2 & 3 Michal Anela: Coral Interiors

Michal Anela’s crafted vessels, coasters and ornaments, resembling sea coral, convey a poignant message about the dwindling numbers of this fragile underwater life. Anela aims to highlight the disappearance of coral reefs and diminishing ocean eco systems with rising sea levels. On another level, the exhibit reflects the hidden dreams and desires of people which can be submerged and lost, like coral.

20 April to 17 May
The Torch: Confined 7

Now in its seventh year, CONFINED features works by Indigenous artists currently in or recently released from prison in Victoria. High levels of incarceration are a deeply felt social issue amongst Victoria’s aboriginal communities. The exhibition not only aims to support Indigenous offenders with an opportunity to connect with the community and to promote the practice of culture in rehabilitation, but to highlight the issue of over-representation of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system.

16 March to 13 April
ROOM 1  Sharon Flanagan: Shore

An exhibition of large scale printed digital artworks inspired by Port Phillip Bay and the surrounding landscape. The work is informed by the artist’s personal relationship and interaction with the bay. Works from this series depict the changing moods and energy of the bay juxtaposed with nature, industry and architectural forms.

16 March to 13 April
ROOMS 2 & 3 Greg Preece: Nature of Things

A collection of paintings created with layers of paint scraped and over painted, celebrating the chaos of colour, anarchy and compliance in and around Port Phillip. These images are indications of the marks we leave in getting on with life and the random nature of things.

20 April to 17 May
ROOM 1 Robert Morgan: Middle Park Mobile

This exhibition provides a new way to see the clichéd sunset shot: the commonest of miracles, challenging the viewer to find the graduations and contrasts that clearly exist in our view. These Fauvist images of the local and familiar enable us to suspend our disbelief and take in the infinite variety that each day brings us. It is reassuring for us to find the commonplace as miraculous.

20 April to 17 May
ROOMS 2 & 3 Sarah Edwards: The Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden is a site-specific installation that echoes the former landscape of the City of Port Phillip. The Botanic Garden consists of seventy two small acrylic tags each etched with the name of an Indigenous plant species. The tags are suspended from the ceiling, and the spirit of the plants and their habitat is enlivened as the tags twirl in the light, causing refraction and cast shadow.

8 June to 6 July
Space 2b: Journeys - Homeland to Here

This multimedia exhibition portrays 12 emerging artists and designers from cultural and linguistically diverse communities, who are actively involved with Space2b. It presents each artist’s respective journey to Australia and an insight into their creative work, often influenced by their cultural heritage. Photographer Andy Drewitt captures what is important to each artist in their pursuit of a creative life. Each person also shares a memento, a reminder of their homeland. In some cases the box remains empty, a reminder that the person arrived with nothing.


The Gallery is managed by the Curatorial Services Unit of the City of Port Phillip. Contact Us or use eServices to ask us a question, request information or give us feedback online. Ask for the Assistant Curator or email