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New Residential Zones

What zone will apply to my property?
What are the zones?
Housing Policy
To find out more information
Background documents

Comments on proposals for the new residential zones have now closed and are being considered by Council. A summary of what you have told us will be available soon. 

The state government has released new residential zones and Council now needs to apply these across Port Phillip. These new zones may change the type of development that is allowed in your street and neighbourhood.

The changes for Port Phillip involve replacing the current Residential 1 and 2 Zones, which covers the majority of residential areas with one of the three new zones. If your dwelling is in a commercial or mixed use zone, it will not be affected by these changes.

To see a summary of Port Phillip's approach, read our New Residential Zones Brochure [PDF, 11MB].

Read on below to find out:

  • What zone is proposed for your propery and neighbourhood via the interactive map
  • Information on the purpose and requirements of each zone
  • Details of the Housing Policy that has guided the application of the new zones  
  • Additional background information.

Click to use the interactive Residential Zones MapWhat zone will apply to my property?

To see what zone is proposed to apply to your property and neighbourhood, click the image to the right.

For PDF versions of the maps, go to Background Documents.



What are the zones?

The three new zones are:

Residential Growth Zone  General Residential Zone  Neighbourhood Residential Zone
Allows for increased housing growth and densities Allows for some multi-unit development in areas with good access to shops, services and public transport. New development must respect neighbourhood character. Provides for limited growth in established residential areas that are more distant from shops and public transport, and protects heritage and neighbourhood character.


Housing Policy

The proposed application of the new zones has been based on Council’s existing Housing Policy, which was developed with extensive community input.

This policy balances the opportunity for new housing development closest to shops, transport and other services – while protecting the highly valued character and heritage of established residential areas. (Click here to view the current Housing Policy [PDF, 303KB] in the planning scheme.)

To see how the Policy has been translated into the zones, view Proposed Policy Translation to the New Zones Diagram [PDF, 720KB].

To support the implementation of new zones and guide future decision-making on planning permits, some updates to the policy are proposed. Go to the Policy Table [PDF, 95KB] to see these updates.

Next Steps     

Comments on proposals for the new residential zones closed 14 March and are now being considered. A summary of what you have told us will be available soon.

Council will consider the feedback received at a Council meeting. More details will be available closer to the date.

If you have submitted comments on the proposed zones, Council will contact you directly about meeting dates.

To find out more information

Phone the Strategic Planning Unit on (03) 9209 6237.


Background documents

Rationale for the translation of the new zones in Port Phillip

Translation Tables [PDF, 145KB] - These tables detail the rationale for applying the new zones and specific schedules, and describes the exact areas where each zone / schedule will apply.  It also includes details of ‘logical inclusions’ (i.e. sites which do not easily align with policy criteria) to ensure these are transparent during the consultation process.

Development implications of the new zones

Development implications of the new residential zones [PDF, 137KB] – Summarises the potential impacts of the new zones on development rates.

Proposed residential zones maps (PDF versions)

Whole of the municipality zoning map [PDF, 320KB]

More detailed maps:

Current planning scheme provisions

A number of existing planning zones and overlays have informed the application of the new residential zones in Port Phillip, in particular Design and Development Overlays (DDO) and the Heritage Overlay (HO).

Go to the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure website, Planning Schemes Online to view these overlays (including the 'ordinance' and 'maps').

The existing residential zones ordinance and zoning maps can also be found on Planning Schemes Online.

State Government information on the new zones


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