Garbage & Environmental Services
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Garbage & Recycling Services

As well as residential services, the council regularly collects rubbish from parks, gardens, beaches and shopping centres to ensure a high level of enjoyment of these public places by our residents and visitors.

In the last decade, council has introduced over eighty environmental initiatives to improve living for our community by achieving energy savings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building a sustainable environment.

New, Missing or Damaged Bins

Council can arrange delivery of a replacement bin if your bin is missing or you move into an existing residence where there are no bins. An application form must first be completed for missing bins. Download the Bin Application Form and return it to council via fax on (03) 9209 6311, or mail to City of Port Phillip Private Bag 3 St Kilda 3182. For damaged bins or bins for newly developed premises please contact us or use eServices.


Waste Services survey results

Port Phillip recently undertook a public consultation/feedback process to gather information and ideas on it's waste services from residents.  The process consisted of provision of an online and hardcopy survey/feedback form being made available to all residents for a period of 6 weeks.  With nearly 150 responses the survey yielded fantastic feedback in regard to port Phillip’s current services and some terrific ideas for the future management of waste in the city. Some of the key results from the survey are listed below.

  • Over 74% of respondents rated the household collection service as good or excellent with 20% stating it needs improvement.
  • 91% of respondents stated that their understanding of what can and cannot be recycled was good or excellent.
  • 79% of respondents supported a ban and/ or reduction scheme on disposable plastic bags

When asked what would help households recycle more responses focused upon:

  • Improving the services to multiple unit dwellings
  • Increased levels of educational material provided (what can and cannot be recycled)
  • Increased range of services to recycle different materials i.e. E-waste, light bulbs, green waste etc.
  • Lobbying for reduced amounts of  packaging on products – also clearer labelling of the materials

When asked for suggestions to improve waste management in the city respondents focused upon:

  • Returning to a twice-yearly, set-date collection of Hard/Green waste
  • Increasing and improving public place recycling
  • The need for more regular chemical/ hazardous waste collections
  • The need for more educational material/programs distributed to combat anti-social littering behaviour and poor recycling practices.

However, by far and a way the most common response recorded in the survey to improve recycling rates and waste services was for improvements to the Council’s green waste services.   The most commonly listed request from residents was the implementation of a regular green waste collection service – be it a kerbside collection or local skip-based drop off service.  The topic of green waste collection and diversion from landfill is not only of very high importance not only to residents, but it will play a crucial role in the future of waste management state-wide.  As such the issue of food and green organic waste will be a major focus for Council over the next 4 years. All of the responses have been highly valued and will be taken into account when adapting operational procedures or waste management planning.