Garbage & Cleaning Services
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Garbage & Recycling Services

As well as residential services, the council regularly collects rubbish from parks, gardens, beaches and shopping centres to ensure a high level of enjoyment of these public places by our residents and visitors.

In the last decade, council has introduced over eighty environmental initiatives to improve living for our community by achieving energy savings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building a sustainable environment.


New, Missing or Damaged Bins

Council can arrange delivery of a replacement bin if your bin is missing or you move into an existing residence where there are no bins. An application form must first be completed for missing bins. Download the Bin Application Form and return it to council via fax on (03) 9536 2761, or mail to City of Port Phillip Private Bag 3 St Kilda 3182. For damaged bins or bins for newly developed premises please contact us or use eServices.


Why doesn't Port Phillip have kerbside green waste bins?

The question on why we don’t have a separate green waste bin service is due to the following.

The City of Port Phillip currently offers a number of services for the collection and disposal of green organics from residential gardens which includes the provision of up to four hard / green waste pick up services per single dwelling property per year, up to six hard / green waste pick up services per flat / apartment building per year along with free disposal of self-hauled green organics at councils resource recovery centre in South Melbourne.

The service has been developed based on the CoPP's unique demographics, namely the high proportion of flats / apartments which generate little or no garden waste (audit results for 2015, resulted in 10% green waste in our current waste bin service), the limited space available onsite at households for the provision of a third waste bin for kerbside collection would also cause amenity issues.