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Friends of Suai

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program (WASH)

The WASH project handover at school was celebrated in June 2016 with FoS/C representative Carlene Hanlock, principal Alex Da Cruz and director the Covalima Community Centre (CCC), Alberto Barros. The school community will now manage the facility.

The project has been the most ambitious joint undertaking of f FoS/C and CCC to date. The major public health issue facing the district is that few Timor Leste schools have a reliable water supply or toilets for children and teachers to use.

The construction of 18 toilets was completed in 2016, a water tank and septic tank were installed and water was connected. The introduction of health and hygiene training for the entire school community is part of the final phase of the project.  

Municipal Agreement with East Timor signed.

Municipal Agreement with East Timor signed as part of the ongoing friendship with Suai, Covalima, East Timor. The City of Port Phillip's Mayor and CEO signed a new agreement to strengthen cooperation in developing Municipal Government in East Timor on 13 April 2016 at Parliament House. The Mayor, Cr Bernadene Voss and CEO, Tracey Slatter signed the agreement formalising the desire to develop and strengthen cooperation between Timorese and Victorian Municipalities and their populations by offering support for decentralisation in East Timor. This will occur mainly through sharing professional experience and knowledge, skills advice and mentoring.

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Your Ongoing Support is Needed

Please support these young people to be trained in vocational training in 2017 by contributing to our Scholarship Fund at Donate

Five Nursing/Midwifery Students Awarded FoS/C Scholarships in 2016                                                                   

Higher education in East Timor is not easy to get and often unavailable in rural areas. Covalima is a remote area and people rely on a subsistence lifestyle, in this new nation in which half the population fall below the poverty line. Fifty per cent of the population is under 19 years of age, and although the education system is slowly rebuilding, the need is still huge. Girls are the first to be withdrawn from these opportunities. Most families cannot afford to pay fees or send their children to live away from home. Donations are needed now to fund the 2017 scholarships - it costs about $1000 to fully fund one scholarship. Any amount is welcome.


Annual General Report 2015/16

Annual General Report 2014/15



This report was endorsed at Council on Tuesday 24 November 2015

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East Timorese Cooperative Certified 100% Organic Coffee Beans (Ground & Espresso)


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This East Timorese coffee is organically grown in Maubisse. Coffee is hand roasted and hand packed by WithOneBean, a local partner. WithOneBean offers the highest quality cooperative certified organic coffee.For any enquiries contact Pat Jessen, Friends of Suai Coordinator by phone 03 9209 6598 or email


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