Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area

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Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area

Concept Design for the Collins Street Tram Extension

Read Tram Bridge key to Fishermans Bend success media release to find out more about the proposed tram bridge to connect Fishermans Bend to the CBD.

Concept image showing proposed tram bridge over Yarra to Fishermans Bend

The Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area (FBURA) will consolidate metropolitan Melbourne’s position as one of the world’s most liveable cities with a highly creative and competitive economy.

Over the next 40 years FBURA is expected to be home to approximately 80,000 residents and 40,000 jobs. As one of the largest urban renewal projects in the world, Council is committed to ensuring FBURA is a great place to live, work and play.

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Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area aerial shot 

What’s happening?

Strategic Framework Plan and Design Guidelines

The Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) is responsible for the implementation of ‘Plan Melbourne’ and urban renewal areas identified across metropolitan Melbourne. The MPA has responsibility through the Minister for Planning to coordinate the preparation of a Strategic Framework Plan for the FBURA.

Council are currently working in partnership with the MPA, the City of Melbourne, the state government and key stakeholders to finalise the Strategic Framework Plan and Design Guidelines.

Council’s priorities

Council is advocating to:

  • Deliver a ‘city shaping’ opportunity for metropolitan Melbourne – an expansion of the Central City while creating distinctive and vibrant new places to live, work and play
  • Deliver catalyst transport and community infrastructure early
  • Set a new benchmark for an inner-city family friendly living environment, supporting a diverse and connected community
  • Capitalise on its strategic location to create high productivity ‘21st century’ jobs, maintaining Melbourne’s competitiveness in the global economy
  • Provide essential urban infrastructure to create certainty for investment attraction
  • Deliver best practice in smart social and environmental outcomes
  • Provide an urban renewal model which can be replicated in other Australian cities.

The delivery of catalyst infrastructure early is critical to the success of FBURA and Council is continuing to advocate for the early delivery of infrastructure including transport, community facilities and open space.

Council is advocating strongly for the extension of the Collins Street tram, bike and pedestrian route. This is a catalyst for delivering a highly creative and competitive economy, connecting the city to the bay, and changing the development opportunities that are possible by connecting FBURA to the CBD.

Planning applications for Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area

The Planning Minister is the Responsible Authority for the majority of planning decisions within the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area. Council is responsible for development with:

  • a gross floor area less than 10,000 square metres
  • under four storeys
  • less than 60 dwellings
  • a value less than $10 million.

Council will be notified of any planning permit applications in the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area and given 28 days to provide comments back to the Minister. Our comments will be considered at Council meetings prior to lodgement with the Minister.

Visit Planning Permit Register – on the Department of Planning and Local Infrastructure website for more information.

Download the map to see the Planning Approvals and Planning Applications within the City of Port Phillip (PDF, 380 KB).

Businesses in FBURA

FBURA and its surrounds contain significant existing industrial, educational and creative industry use, which is a major economic contributor to metropolitan Melbourne.

Council will seek to develop mechanisms to retain and enhance the exiting creative industry presence to assist in building a sustainable employment base and knowledge based industry niche for the area.

With appropriate encouragement and nurturing these industries have the potential to grow to a level to rival the economic contributions of the traditional manufacturing industries that currently call FBURA home.

Council are currently working closely with businesses in the FBURA to understand their short and longer term intentions and needs, whilst also developing new programs and activities to support FBURA businesses.

Community Conversation

On 27 February, community members were invited to have a conversation about Council’s role in FBURA.

The evening provided people with an opportunity to speak with officers around key themes that emerged during community consultation on the Draft Vision and to discuss next steps and timing, and included a presentation by representatives from the MPA.

A number of questions were taken on notice on the night. A summary of these questions and officer responses is available to download here.

Community Consultation on the Draft Vision and Interim Design Guidelines

From 16 September to 22 November 2013, Places Victoria ran a community engagement program, inviting the community to provide feedback on the Draft Vision and Interim Design Guidelines.

Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area Draft Vision
(PDF, 4.2 MB, 70 p)

Interim Fishermans Bend Design Guidelines
(PDF, 1.64 MB, 22 p)

Council ran a complementary engagement program to encourage and support our community’s interest and participation in the consultation process. The program included a series of pop-up information sessions, social media / online activity, site visits, and meetings with community organisations and groups.

Feedback at these events provided great insight and helped shape Council’s own submission to Places Victoria.

Council supports the Vision which represents an opportunity to reshape how Melbournians think about urban growth, housing, working and getting around. The submission explains Council’s key comments about the delivery of the Vision and contains suggestions for improvements to the draft, in addition to results from our community engagement activities.

Download Final Submission – Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal project (PDF, 650 KB, 32 pp.)

South Melbourne Market event    


In July 2012, Minister for Planning identified the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area (FBURA) as an urban renewal project of state significance and rezoned the area as Capital City Zone (CCZ).

The rezoning of FBURA expands the CCZ by more than 50 per cent and has the potential to generate significant new business investment and employment and generate new housing supply. The renewal area is 248ha in size; approximately 217 hectares (or 90 %) lies within the City of Port Phillip. A smaller area of approximately 27 hectares, known as the Lorimer Precinct, is within the City of Melbourne.

Following the announcement, representatives of Places Victoria, the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure, Melbourne City Council and Port Phillip Council worked closely to develop a planning framework for the FBURA, including a Draft Vision and Interim Design Guidelines, that articulate the key strategic directions and key moves needed to realise this vision and transform Fishermans Bend into a thriving inner city environment.

For more information about the Planning Scheme Amendment C102 see the Explanatory Report - Port Phillip Planning Scheme Amendment C102 (DOC, 470 KB, 5 pp.)

Where is Fishermans Bend located?

Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area is located to the south-west of Melbourne’s CBD and covers an area of approximately 250 hectares. It is bound by Williamstown Road and Boundary Street in the south, City Road to the east, the West Gate Freeway and Lorimer Street to the north, and City Link and Todd Road to the west.

The area has four precincts:

  • Montague
  • Wirraway
  • Sandridge
  • Lorimer

This image illustrates where these four precincts are located.

 Zoning map of the Fishermans Bend urban renewal area

View a larger version of this map - Fishermans Bend four precincts map (Jpeg, 1.1 MB)


Montague Precinct in the City of Port Phillip

Council has developed a Structure Plan for the Montague Precinct that will assist Places Victoria in planning for the current and future communities of Montague. It will also provide a strong basis from which Council can continue to advocate for the development of Montague as a highly liveable and sustainable mixed use precinct.

The Montague Precinct Structure Plan is available to download on Council's website at

Download the Council Report here.

FBURA Guiding Principles and Strategic Directions - 2012

Following the rezoning to CCZ in 2012 council adopted FBURA Guiding Principles and Strategic Directions to inform Council's position on the rezoning, and to advocate for Council's position on the key outcomes for FBURA.

The principles include creating a child and family friendly place that prioritises sustainable travel and the movement of people, and a precinct which is vibrant, well serviced, with a diverse mix of land uses, and a local community that welcomes everyone. 

Download the Guiding Principles and Strategic Directions (PDF, 53 KB, 7 pp.)

More information

Visit for a summary of our consultation activities.