Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area

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Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area

About Fishermans Bend

Fishermans Bend is the largest urban renewal area in Australia. Plan Melbourne identifies Fishermans Bend as a key part of an expanded central city.

Located to the south-west of Melbourne’s CBD and covering an area of approximately 491 hectares, Fishermans Bend is bound by Williamstown Road and Boundary Street to the south, City Road to the east, the Yarra River to the north, and Westgate Freeway and Todd Road to the west.

Over the next 35 years, Fishermans Bend is expected to be home to approximately 80,000 residents and 60,000 jobs across five precincts.

Three precincts are located in the City of Port Phillip:

  • Montague
  • Wirraway
  • Sandridge

Two precincts are located in the City of Melbourne:

  • Lorimer
  • Fishermans Bend Employment Precinct


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Council is committed to ensuring Fishermans Bend is a great place to live, work and play and is advocating to the Victorian Government for the following priorities:

  • an integrated transport plan for Fishermans Bend
  • an economic investment narrative and development plan for Fishermans Bend to continue growing Melbourne’s economy
  • commitment to creating a diverse community
  • a comprehensive sustainable development plan
  • catalytic investment in infrastructure to direct development
  • informed density and quality design controls.


Fishermans Bend Taskforce

A Fishermans Bend Taskforce has been established that comprises members from Places Victoria; the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP); the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR); Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA); the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA), the City of Melbourne; the City of Port Phillip and South East Water. The Taskforce is working together with the Ministerial Advisory Committee and the community to develop a blueprint for Fishermans Bend that will transform it into a place for everyone.


Recasting Fishermans Bend

In 2016 the Victorian Government announced details of the Recast Vision for Fishermans Bend, putting people back into the decision making process while ensuring the area becomes home to a vibrant and sustainable community, supporting jobs and economic growth. The Recast sees the urban renewal area of Fishermans Bend almost double in size, with the addition of a new Employment Precinct in addition to Fishermans Bend’s four distinct neighbourhoods.

Recasting Fishermans Bend will deliver much needed clarity, certainty and reassurance to surrounding communities and industry, and protect Fishermans Bend from overdevelopment, while ensuring the provision of community infrastructure such as schools and services reflects best practice urban renewal.

The Fishermans Bend Taskforce released the Fishermans Bend Recast Vision for public consultation between 27 May and 1 July 2016. The Vision sets a framework to help guide the planning for Fishermans Bend.

Council lodged a submission of conditional support for the Fishermans Bend Recast Vision to the Taskforce on 1 July 2016. Council’s submission was informed by engagement with key technical experts across the organisation and Council’s Fishermans Bend Community Forum, which is made up of 18 members representing local community groups, businesses, landowners and developers. This submission was endorsed at the 28 June 2016 Ordinary Meeting of Council.

The Minister for Planning will release the recast Fishermans Bend Vision in late 2016. For more information, visit 


Get involved

If you’d like to receive project announcements and updates from Council via email, register here.

Council convenes a forum for community, business and landowner representatives to be informed about the Fishermans Bend Recast. The forum provides Councillors, forum members and other key stakeholders with the opportunity for regular two-way dialogue on Fishermans Bend projects.

For more information about Council’s Fishermans Bend Community Forum, contact the project team at or via ASSIST on 03 9209 6777.

For more information about how to have your say on the future of Fishermans Bend, visit