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Compost & Worm Farms

Why compost?

Composting is a process whereby kitchen and garden waste is broken down into reusable organic matter. The decomposition occurs by the action of naturally occurring bacteria, fungi, worms, millipedes and many other micro-organisms.

Composting saves valuable land fill space and can be used as fertiliser in your garden and can improve soil condition.

Worm farms are neat and easy to use, especially if you have a small space. Compost bins can handle greater volumes, however need a garden space to be set up and require more manual labour.

Compost bins and worm farms can be purchased at a reduced price from the Port Phillip Transfer Station. For the address and opening hours of the transfer station, go to the transfer station web page. 

Please note that all sales are cash and Eftpos only. Cheque payments cannot be accepted.

 Item  Detail  Cost
Compost bin 150-litre (Aurora) $42.00
Worm farm

Large worm farm with leg kit (base & three levels)  - worms not included


More information

Further information about composting and worm farms can be found via Sustainability Victoria including downloadable fact sheets.

Port Phillip EcoCentre in St Kilda Botanical Gardens has several working models of composting systems and worm farms for you to explore.

Worms are no longer sold by the city of Port Phillip but can be purchased at a number of hardware and specialist retail outlets.

Use eServices to ask us a question, request information or give us feedback online. If you prefer call ASSIST on (03) 9209 6777 or TTy (03) 9209 6713 and ask for Waste Management.