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Car Share

Car share people

Draft Car Share Policy consultation

Consultation on the Draft Car Share Policy concluded on Friday 22 April 2016.

Key results from the online survey

  • 235 people completed an on-line survey
  • 43 new car share bay locations were suggested using an interactive map
  • Most people who completed the survey had never used car share (54%) with 37% currently using car share.
  • Respondents said that the factors that would be most important if they were to use car share vehicle were: “Available when I want it” (20%), “Saving money” (15%) and “Easy to book” (12%).
  • The locations that would be most useful were: “Close to where I live “(51%); “Near a tram, train or bus stop” (14%) or “Close to where I work” (12%).
  • In response to the question: "Why do you think Council should support car share?" the most popular response was “Decreases car ownership” with 27% of responses followed by “Helps the environment and decreases emissions” 24% of responses and “provides access to a car when I want it with 16.5%. “I don’t think Council should support car share” accounted for 3% of responses.
  • Most people answered “Yes - I’ve seen the cars and know how it works” (70%) but there were still almost a third who said “Yes-I’ve seen the cars but don’t know how it works” (23%) or “No-I don’t know about car share” (7%).


A consultation report is being prepared, which will summarise feedback and an updated Car Share Policy will be brought to Councillors for consideration in mid-2016.


Car share: The alternative to car ownership

Don’t buy a car- share a car with your neighbours.

Car sharing has taken the world by storm and is operating in over 600 cities.

Car sharing members have access to cars on demand for rent either by the hour or by the day and have no parking hassles when they're finished.

The rental cost covers all expenses, including petrol, insurance, registration and maintenance. People who drive less that 5,000 km per year will likely find car sharing will save them money.

To calculate the cost of owning a car per year. Visit RACV.

Find out how simple car share is to use and its benefits.  

The City of Port Phillip is now home to over 100 car share vehicles provided by:

Some local residents make their own vehicles available for sharing through neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing platform Car Next Door.

Map of car share locations

See which car share is closest to you on the map of car share sites in Port Phillip.

Click on map image below for locations.

Car Share Locations Map

Why does Council support this? 

Every car share takes 7 to 10 cars off the road. Members of car share schemes reduce their car use by 50%.

Council’s vision is for a connected and liveable city where residents, visitors and workers can live and travel car free by improving the convenience, safety, accessibility and range of sustainable travel choices across our City.

In 2012 Council adopted the On-Street Car Share Policy.

How do I join?

For a full list of the locations available in Melbourne visit the Flexicar website.

Click to visit the Green Share Car website

For a full list of the locations available in Melbourne visit the Green Share Car website.

For a full list of the locations available in Melbourne visit the Go Get website.

Car Next Door website  

For a full list of locations available in Melbourne visit the Car Next Door website.

Contact Us or use eServices to ask a question, request information or give us feedback. Ask for a member of the Sustainable Transport Team.