Transport in Port Phillip

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Bike Share

What is bike sharing?

Bike sharing is where a number of bikes are made available for shared use amongst individuals who do not own any of the bikes. Melbourne Bike Share is part of the Department of Transport’s focus on delivering transport improvements to Victoria. Bike sharing is a more sustainable, healthy, and community-based transport option.

How does it work?

To use the Melbourne Bike Share bikes, you must buy a subscription. Depending on how much you plan to use the service, you can buy a subscription for a day, a week or a year. Daily and weekly subscriptions can be purchased at a bike share docking station; annual subscriptions can be bought online.

Bike Share stations  are located around the inner city. When you want to use a bike, you insert your subscription key (or swipe your credit card for a daily or weekly subscription) to unlock the bike from the dock. When you have finished with the bike, you can return it to any one of the docking stations around the inner city.  

Where are the bike docking stations?  

Bike Share stations are located around the inner city and have a growing number of docking stations in the City of Port Phillip in:

  • South Melbourne
  • Albert Park
  • Port Melbourne
  • along St Kilda Road  


For a full list of the locations available in Port Phillip and across inner Melbourne visit Melbourne Bike Share.

Why does the Council support this? 

Council is keen to support bike riding and public bike hire as part of its vision to create a connected and liveable City, where residents, workers and visitors can get around without needing a car.  

How do I join up or find out more?

To join up just visit a docking station or visit the Melbourne Bike Share website at Melbourne Bike Share   Remember, you must bring your own helmet when using Melbourne Bike Share, as under Australian law all bike riders must wear a helmet. Annual subscribers to the service will have the option of purchasing a low cost helmet with their annual membership.


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