Bike Riding

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Bike Riding Activities

The City of Port Phillip encourages riding for local trips

Join in these activities and discover how bike riding can be a quick, cheap and convenient alternative for a happy, fun and fit lifestyle. 

Ride2Work Day 2015 - Wednesday 14 October

Following from last year's success, National Ride2Work Day 2015 will be held on Wednesday
14th October.

Want to get your colleagues riding?

Council is supporting workplaces who coordinate and promote Ride2Work Day.
Get in touch with us to access Council support by email 
or by phoning 03 9209 6274.


2014 Ride2Work Day results

Bicycle Network website registrations
 Whole of City of Port Phillip by workplaces  1340 (19.54% increase)
 Whole of City of Port Phillip by resident  2009 (19.02% increase)

Participants at Council hosted breakfast sites

Ride2Work Day was celebrated at 3 breakfast sites in 2014, with 1 in 5 as new riders.

 Year Participants  Comments
2010 80 St Kilda Town Hall
2011 120 (50% increase) St Kilda Town Hall, South Melbourne Market
2012 180 (50% increase) St Kilda Town Hall, South Melbourne Market
2013 280 (55% increase)  St Kilda Town Hall, South Melbourne Market,
Albert Park NSHRY (Beac x Kerferd rds)
2014 690 (145% increase)  Port Melbourne Waterfront, St Kilda Town Hall,
South Melbourne Market

Note: The above participant numbers from community breakfasts are estimates.

Stay tuned and be sure to visit Council's Environment eHub page for more information about the event.



For more information contact us by email: or call 03 9209 6274.


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